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Recent content by sledger

  1. sledger

    Where will Kohli end up among Asian batsmen?

    Yeah somewhere behind Sehwag is probably about right
  2. sledger

    Courtney Walsh vs. Jimmy Anderson

    lol the secret ingredient of being tall and bowling it short not at all one dimensional
  3. sledger

    Rahul Dravid vs Javed Miandad

    it's just so obviously Dravid
  4. sledger

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    I hope so tbh. Ideally Kevin Dunn as well
  5. sledger

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    sounds like she was ousted, rather than walked away of her own accord apparently most of the major portfolios etc. she was responsible for (e.g. marketing and branding) were thought to be underperforming really badly, and Nick Khan though this was negatively affecting the company's ability to...
  6. sledger

    player comparisons

    Slubby imo
  7. sledger

    *Official* Pro-Wrestling Thread II

    Kind of weird to think he's been on the main roster that long
  8. sledger

    England players and selection discussion thread

    Crawley should definitely be sacked Absolutely no harm in giving Brook a go at this stage, especially seeing as the series is already won
  9. sledger

    Best Mitchell?

    you probably can tbf, given a lot of these players would have faced him in 2009, and at other points in his career when he was bowling absolute pies (i.e. most of it)
  10. sledger

    Best Mitchell?

    Starc is absolutely better than Johnson lmao Assumed Johnson was regarded as a bit of a joke even within Australia, as that is certainly how he is regarded elsewhere
  11. sledger

    What is the greatest innings of all time?

    Prank opposition once again
  12. sledger

    Best Mitchell?

    It's obviously @Matteh
  13. sledger

    What is the greatest innings of all time?

    Both against very weak and feeble opposition so difficult to say
  14. sledger

    I’m out of here

    What about if you're below average height (i.e. 6ft)?