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  • Just watching the main event now. Thought the Jericho bit was hilarious. Will be in the thread in a bit,
    Hey mate, have brought up the signature thing in the mod forum so we'll let you know how it goes.
    I've not heard Striker do any for a while, loved his announcing as well. Got a LOT of hate online though. I loved the way he'd just make random **** up to give the match a backstory, he also knows ****ing loads about wrestling
    I just want him back in the booth at Smackdown, that was the end of the blue brand for me, Booker ****ing T, like him as a wrestler but as a commentator, ****ing hell
    Will have a dig around and see if I can remember anything else that is worth a go but those are the best ones I can think of off the top of my head
    haha tbf i don't really watch all that much of it, i usually just read manga. if you can be arsed to watch a fairly long series I definitely recommend Hajime no Ippo, that was the first one I ever watched and pretty much what got me into the whole thing in the first place. It's a Boxing anime, awesome mix of **** yes action and comedy. it starts off slow for the first couple of episodes but is well worth it. IDK if you've watched Gurren Lagann yet, that's a must see (dude from my avatar is from that), pretty much the most insane thing i've ever seen, in a good way. Also I haven't watched it yet but my best mate from Uni who also got me into a lot of this has been bugging me for months to watch a series called Steins;Gate, I haven't yet because too lazy but I trust his judgement on these things and he's convinced it's amazing so must be pretty. But yeah definitely watch Ippo if you can be arsed, and Gurren Lagann if you haven't seen it yet.
    The idea that the forum is some sort of triangular love-in between us, the crims and India has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read
    Absolute gold. Dunno what's worse, shivfan's posting or the guy blaming it all on Obama being Jewish.
    Thanks mate. So many lols.

    Absolutely classic trolling by precam about the royal marriage too.
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