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  • Aside from three days in 2010 I never get banned unless holding the BOTM title. Will be out by the quarters this year so I'm safe. Fact.
    Really, no tick boxes on your VMs? Struggling to see why even you would be stripped of that. Yeah I'd you can report it or grab one of the mod squad that would be awesome
    btw if you haven't checked out yndi halda, you must. only one album, four tracks, but **** me it's a good album. also very gy!be like but a little more restrained in a way.
    Haha, indeed. Has had a bowling promotion in the Knights though as we've just managed to sign two new batsmen who've come in for the incredibly poor bowlers we had previously. In case you didn't know about the 'site', by the way: OX Gbagbo - On CricSim.com
    Hates his limited overs cricket though. Averaging 12 from 5 games there. ;)

    Managed to bag yourself a game for Britain Seconds as well, which doesn't count for anything, but you faced the Firsts bowling attack, got 24 and 4 out to Markarse both times.
    Did you ever get around to watching any of those animes dued? let us know! also sorry for taking so many god damn months to reply, totally forgot to do it even though I kept meaning to (i love you really :') best cw poster imho)

    also, you should get on XBL sometime and we should jam again we played halo like one time xD do you play Mass Effect or anything like that? could jam some ME3 multiplayer or something if you do
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