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  • S'all good, I know I'm absolutely pig headed in debates. The joy of CW is that you pretty much can be. (with limits obv. #dontbeikki)
    There are heaps in Australia too! If you're ever in Sydney, try a Bondi Burger at Oportos. Portuguese chicken to the next level, haha.
    Mate, I remember it like it was yesterday even though so much has changed. I'm married with a son now. It's crazy, I miss Australia so much but seemed to have laid roots in India now!

    How are you these days? When this pandemic ****e settles I'll definitely visit London again. Come down to India at some point bro, there are Nandos here too, haha.
    Frustrating. I was hoping to submit before end of Jan. 90 % written 60 % read by supervisors and corrected. Unfortunately supervisor had an operation and was not available for 6 weeks (came back this week). I have now been asked to right an additional chapter on work I was not originally going to include. Also need to go into the lab and do some additional work (small stuff but time consuming) to improve some of my early results (hopefully goes quick). Still hoping to submit end of this month maybe 2nd week April before the Easter weekend. So kinda standard end of PhD... stressed, and just emotionally and physically drained, trying to find the energy to finish off.

    It is great to hear the you got through your viva. And big congrats.
    Hey mate where can I reach you on IM for future reference? You can pm me on cricsim if privacy is an issue.

    I was originally planning on applying for 2021 but outside of Oxbridge, most places are still open for 2020 applications which would actually be ideal for me.
    All the things that go along with the territory of having 3 kids and an elderly father. On the plus side, I've really been sinking a lot of hours into Witcher 3. Been bouncing around Skillege for quite some time now.
    I logged into FB for the first in 6 months just to not find you there (makes sense but I didn't think about it).

    Anyway, been in a similar situation and it hurts like hell. My experience was that no matter what words of wisdom anybody threw my way just pissed me off more, but still, I'm here man.
    Hi man, if you're ready to put together a mafia game let me know your ideas on discord or email when you can. If it's soon I can help you run that next, or if you've not got anything yet I think I could run a filler game first?
    hi sledger

    if you don't mind, I'd like to pick your brain on something.

    what do you think about using a VPN for day to day internet browsing? how useful are they for protecting a person's privacy from governments/ISPs, and do they help reduce the odds of getting hacked?

    Been considering it recently but don't know enough about the details to know if they actually help, or if they're only really useful for bypassing censors/region blocks. I know this isn't exactly your field of expertise, but figured you might know a bit about the topic. appreciate your insight on this. Thanks!
    Please take a look at my VM conversation with GIMH. You have been selected as a GALPer and will be authorised to issue Nixons in accordance to CW rules.
    ****ing unbelievable. Like that article Spark quoted in the AmPol thread, people always define racism to excuse and exclude themselves. It's so true. Everyone does it. I think it's a human failing. But imagine thinking "Monkey's ok in India, so I'll hit up some black West Indians with it, but don't you dare use P*ki, because it's offensive." I mean, come on.
    But you think it's okay for black people to use the N word among themselves, right? So, why can't it be the same for this situation?
    I was the child with the fairest skin in the family. My mother used to call me "bandar" (monkey in Hindi) when I was being naughty. It was used as a slang term for behaving badly/in an uncivilized manner. I am saying that Indians using the term in this way have nothing to apologize for, or any need to change the usage of such slang. Do you think I'm wrong about this?
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