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Recent content by satheeshv37

  1. satheeshv37

    Can South Africa bounce back and win the ODI Series?

    I don't think South Africa can bounce back from this position without their Captain GSmith..
  2. satheeshv37

    Can David Warner settle as an opener in australian team??

    I don't think David Warner has a Potential to be an international cricketer..:unsure::unsure:
  3. satheeshv37

    Ponting Vs Smith..??

    I agrre with ur opinion.. Smith is becoming a gr8 batsman..:laugh:
  4. satheeshv37

    My Test World XI Team..

    G.Smith(Capt) G.Gambhir R.Ponting S.Tendulkar S.Chanderpaul M.Hussy K.Sangakkara(WK) M.Johnson Zaheer Khan Daniel Vettori Ishant Sharma.. :laugh: 8-) :)
  5. satheeshv37

    Can S.Africa comeback in this 2nd Test Vs Aussies??

    Do you think South Africa can still come back and save this test match against Aussies, they still trialing by over 200 runs with 3 wkts in hand in their 1 st Innings.:-O :blink: :laugh:
  6. satheeshv37

    Ponting Vs Smith..??

    Can South Africa stop Aussies on their home soil?? i don't think so.. what is your opinion..?:laugh: :wacko:
  7. satheeshv37

    How bad are the Windies

    How bad are the Windies.... They are not such a bad team, they have very good pace attack, but they are lack of experience and strength in the batting middle order..:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:
  8. satheeshv37

    Can Boucher be classified as an 'all-time great'

    Can Boucher be classified as an all time great? I don't think so, Adam Gilchrist is my all time great Keeper...Boucher may come next to him.8-) 8-) 8-)
  9. satheeshv37

    Who do you think the best bowlers are at present??

    Who do you think the best bowler at present, I think Its Ishant Sharma(India) is the best bowler at present in all formats of the game..What's your Opinion??:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  10. satheeshv37

    ODI Bowlers - E/R V Wickets

    E/R V Wickets It's the bowler who took wickets will be useful for the team..:mellow: :blink:
  11. satheeshv37

    What makes my cricketing day

    what makes my cricketing day I think its useless topic in discussion....:laugh: :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
  12. satheeshv37

    Are India becoming a super-power in cricket?

    Do you think India are becoming a Super power:happy: in cricket, after their test series win and recent ODI series win Vs England.. What is your Opinion?/ 8-) :laugh: :cool:
  13. satheeshv37

    England calls off tour....

    England calls off tour Good decision, I'm sure they could have been waiting for a chance like this or of any kind, to bunk the series after their poor performance, they have nothing to play in the series now, so they decided to call it off the series. better luck next time England..:laugh...
  14. satheeshv37

    Do you think Bangladesh should play Tests??

    I think ICC should suspend Bangladesh from playing Tests, because they don't have that quality, they are playing since a long ting they didn't able to win at least one test match. What do you say? :laugh: :laugh: 8-)
  15. satheeshv37

    Bangladesh in South Africa

    bangladesh in South Africa Looks like South Africans gonna have so much fun...8-)