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Prince EWS
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  • Hey mate, are you able to give me a bell on Facebook or Google Hangouts when you're free please? Need to ask a favour if you don't mind.
    Hey mate. Where can i watch some decent replays or highlights...shouldnt be this hard I know
    hi pews can u find out why i was banned the last time. apparently i am not allowed to post in australian threads. spark is an awful pro aussie mod so i'd like u to tell me if it is illegal for me to post in australian threads. how is spark still a mod after the ponting episode anyway?
    G'day mate, why is it the silly young chap you banned for a month is back posting 8 days after the ban and being insulting as ever. I am a fairly tolerant joker most times but he just pushes my buttons with his juvenile insults.If you think I am being too thin skinned about this then please say so and I will attempt to be more tolerant.Alternately could something be done about him. Thanks JBMAC
    It seems a bit odd to me that someone is allowed to slander me for no apparent reason and not have it removed, but my post is removed and infracted?

    I couldn't really care, but it doesn't seem very consistent.

    FWIW I wont be engaging in Dawood's bull**** from here on in.


    I don't really think I was being inflammatory with that stuff tbf. And I don't understand why I was infracted for saying "#lastword", and that post was removed from the thread, but Dawood is allowed to post the following, and not have it removed from the forum:

    Red Hill has made me open my mouth so he shouldn't mind it.
    Red Hill has a demolished mind because he possesses a destructed brain that is not capable of thinking and saying things except those which don't make sense. According to the primary philosophy of wisdom, Red Hill is basically an extremist and fundamentalist idiot whose presence is of importance in the lease and whose absence is beneficial to all. The main reason for this is, his ability to say sensible things has either crushed, cracked, rotten and roasted or he wasn't gifted and blessed with it.

    request red hill not to open my mouth again. Do this my closing your mouth.

    Interesting, I've never thought of myself as too outspoken on the issue, but perhaps around 2009/10 it felt that way on CW in our little Aus Pol thread compared to other posters. I just felt the way Abbott campaigned on it was borderline racist.

    Arriving without papers is a tough one . If we limit it purely to security (i.e. we won't reject them for economic/budget reasons or to gain political points etc.), I think background checks are necessary. It can't be open slather, but I think there is room for the background checks and processing to be done while the asylum seeker is held on the mainland. There has to be some record of the person back home, and if they are completely mysterious, I guess you can only do it based on a character test.

    Always felt its the uncertainty and length of time that asylum seekers are locked up that is the biggest issue. Living in uncertainty 24/7/365 would be mentally brutal.
    Ah okay. I never knew they did this. He said at an english bookmaker he only lasted 17 days before they shut him down and sent the money Back. Interesting anyway
    Do you have problems With the betting sites?

    Been speaking With one friend who puts some effort into his and he gets his Accounts shut down on different betting sites once they figure out he has a clue
    Ha, safe as houses. Maybe we need a new one for 400+ scores. Alma 150 at more than a run a ball and de Villiers century at more than two a ball.
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