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  • cricketweb.net/forum/cricket-chat/69514-official-australia-new-zealand-2016-a-81.html#post3627973

    Put the http and www in front of this and you'll see the post
    Hey which players would you like to write about? so we keep the list a bit of a mystery, you can email me on sheepdraft @ gmail.com to discuss more.
    There's no need to pick a reserve keeper in the new sim league, do you want Ponsford in for Oldfield? Also, please provide a name for your team
    Hi mate. I'm away at the moment. If my turn comes up in the draft, could you please pick Andy Roberts for me?
    you've had a rough week, happens to all of us. It'll blow over. Just need to cop it and move on. Don't be all blocky/ww/vicleggie arumentative nasty troll type.
    Man you've copped a lot of **** this past week

    Dont let it get to you man. We still like having you around! Just been a bad week, thats all :p
    Dude you want Hendriks, no strings attached? Coming up on my 48 hours. Could give me something random if you want, or don't. Will post the offer on the page if you say yes :)
    Just been looking at the teams and Herbert Strudwick is down as the third bowler in Morgieb's team. Might want to fix that. Sorry that's probably my fault.
    Thanks for looking after thecDual draft mr_mister. I'm not sure where Samuel Vimes has got to but if you want to post the polling thread then include his teams in the poll and just fill in the two gaps after he picks. If he doesn't pick in the next day or two then he's probably not going to anyway. Nothing lost.
    hey man you've got to pick again sorry

    one of the two rules was no baseballers or softballers because that risked the draft turning in to "pick baseballers and softballers because they have the most transferable skills and suck out all the fun"
    If that's the case then maybe make some sort of announcement so AgentTBY and everyone else kniows what to do.
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