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  • Craig it's a bloke pretending for the love of Jesus christ our lord I want you to open your eyes follow the link we provided and realise the picture is a fake... It was not taken in France it was banbury and that Blonde isn't it... I'm sorry you are being a fooled x
    You are lying as we haven't seen a scrap of evidence... The picture... ??? My messages to it.... ????
    Post the picture craig to Russ on PC... Just do it if it's really her I will apologise but this is not right!!! It's a man, I never spoke more than two PM's too her so get the proof as you are being silly. Ask her to post to you all the messages I sent her proving I am a lesbian... Me? A christian and married.
    Craig you are an idiot of epic proportions follow the link we gave you and the pic is a fake... Where's the pic it sent you the second time around... ? Where are the messages I sent her that makes me want her so bad... ? I sent her two PM's... ? So where is everything else... ? STOP BEING A **** CRAIG AND WAKE THE **** UP!!!!!!!
    PS: Even the sillier allegations about me being a guy called David Grey and I sent a fake pic had me in stitches.
    I was not lying. This is from Saffy. Goodbye.
    Caz, i found you very strange from day one, you were over friendly to the point i thought you were a lesbian, i still do because you are obsessed with me, i have your full name and i've been to my local police station to report YOU for verbal harassment and torment, your silly allegations about admin have been reported and your silly comments about me not being French were laughed at, you have used Craig as a pawn in your senseless hate campaign against me and as for your lapdog Russ he hit on me before he fled, and by the state of his pic i wouldn't touch him with your barge pole!! You need to get a grip girl and accept there are girls a lot more prettier and friendlier than you, and girls who don't think every guy who looks at her pic is having a w***!! Oh and BTW get a job, at least that way your time will be spent doing something worthwhile instead of trolling glamorous French women!!
    Well, she said the night club was in France when it was in Banbury then why stripe it off the website? I think you're lying send it to russ in a PM and to Essexboy (my husband) planet cricket.
    Saffy sent me another pic.. the same girl as in that niteclub one. She vehemently denies even knowing the name David Grey let alone that she is him. Now thanks to you I have lost her as a friend. Hope you are happy.
    Sorry you know very little about her... You can ask me anything!

    And yes I do like the way I look I have battled anxiety and depression since being shot. I want to be told I am pretty and I look nice it picks me up. My husband doesn't get jealous as I married him in the eyes of god and my vows are my promise I have no interest in relations of any sort. Flirting is okay as it tends to bring out the perverts and men who want more.
    Because you are involved in a series of lies which got me banned from a forum where I had loads of friends and are heavily involved with an entity who posted a fake pic from a website in Banbury and made false accusations about me.... From what you told me you know very little about me if it posted one pic it would post another how about another of the dog?

    You also know I was recently made redundant from my job in PR at Rio Tinto, I support West Coast love coffee and I am a Christian... My sole interest with Saffy was to make friends and nothing more... I have had a look at the website and you have to look at it from my perspective, I was born in 1992...really?

    Saffy won't be able to post another pic of that same girl, if Nathan was telling the truth or not we shall soon find out!
    Only saffy knows things I would be interested to know who the admin was who contacted her no more secrets between you too... Seriously Craig we are trying to protect you as this is all bad. You need to open your eyes as Russ is a great guy and I'm a... That's down to you but seriously, wake up. What happened is wrong but there's nothing we can do... For yourself find out the truth.

    Caroline x
    I'm not I don't feel I would like to go back considering Nathan and Phil just wanted *** with me... Niave me considering the fact they could have seriously hurt me. Being honest I had nothing against Saffy and neither did Jen... She just turned weird! I have looked through the threads and it was you asking her for a pic and not me!!! No one sees the PM's. You need to be asking her for the evidence of me asking for her pic and asking to sleep with her as she may well have been conned and this is all crap. But she has given you and me and Russ a fake picture that's been proved... If you still think it's her you are a stupid man and deserve to be hurt... We have surrendered the evidence for that ten times over.
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