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Recent content by jf2001

  1. J

    Delete from Cricket Web

    Hi, I'm doing a New Year clean up of digital profiles and want to be deleted from Cricket Web altogether as I don't haven't used the forum for years. Can anyone suggest how to do this? Thanks...
  2. J

    Hi Neil, I think we might well have been in contact many moons ago. I was surfing Cricket Web...

    Hi Neil, I think we might well have been in contact many moons ago. I was surfing Cricket Web for the first time in ages and saw your blog. By happy coincidence, I have a good friend who has played for both Butterleigh and Thorverton (Jon Hull if it rings any bells). Wanted to get in touch to...
  3. J

    ***Official*** South African Domestic Season 2007/08

    Kolpaks... Fair enough...though it seems odd that he's contracted to the Cobras...out of interest, how do you know he's taking a rest? And while I'm banging on about Somerset players, any news on Neil McKenzie?
  4. J

    ***Official*** South African Domestic Season 2007/08

    Any clarification on charl willoughby?? Contracted with the Cape Cobras but don't think he's been playing...Is this because of confusion over Kolpaks? John Fuller - Scrumpy & Sixes http://www.somersetccc.wordpress.com
  5. J

    County Cricket - Somerset CCC

    Harmless... Quite surprised at some of the comments at what, let's be honest, is a pretty harmless post. At the very worst, a few people will log on and read my blog! As for being a Staff Member, I did post here quite regularly but obviously haven't for ages. If you wish to revoke that...
  6. J

    County Cricket - Somerset CCC

    Afternoon...for any Somerset fans on here, I've started a blog that might be of interest to some. It also includes a fans poll as Wisden have done in their October issue: http://www.somersetccc.wordpress.com/ John Fuller
  7. J

    What is the Best Cricket Book you've Ever Read?

    I run a cricket site: www.southwestcricket.com that has a cricket book review section in its infancy. Just interested what the very best cricket book you've ever read was and perhaps I'll review some of them. For the record, I'd thoroughly reccomend the Bodyline novel on my site, captures the...
  8. J

    *Official* English Domestic Season Thread (2005)

    Botham's Diary only that the writer is a well known Somerset cricket fan who is a regular on Somerset forums and goes by the pseudonym of Botham..... what do you think of the website??
  9. J

    *Official* English Domestic Season Thread (2005)

    southwestcricket.com relaunch Just given the county cricket site I run a facelift, could be of interest to those on this county cricket thread. All comments welcomed, enjoy.... :ph34r: South West Cricket
  10. J

    *Official* England in South Africa Thread

    Test Reports from a Somerset Fan out in SA Just received and uploaded several match reports from "Bagpuss" in SA who is out there with the Barmy Army. Her reports for days 1 & 2 can be found at: www.southwestcricket.com I have high hopes that she'll be able to send some photos too before long...
  11. J

    Ricky Ponting Interview

    I interviewed Ricky Ponting during his recent spell at Somerset and it is in this month's Wisden for anyone interested. The full version of the interview (during which he discusses the forthcoming India series, the Ashes and his thoughts on Australia's progress) is available on my website...
  12. J

    Cricket Tickets For Sale

    and I'm giving two Twenty20 tickets away for free! See Link: http://www.southwestcricket.com/headlinestory.php?headlineID=102 JF - SouthWestCricket.com :ph34r:
  13. J

    *Official* English Domestic Season (2004)

    Free Cricket Tickets Anyone who can get to Taunton, I am offering the chance to get 2 free tickets to Somerset-Worcestershire in the Twenty20 Cup. Also, interview on former England bowling coach Bob Cottam at: www.southwestcricket.com...
  14. J

    American Pro Cricket

    Caddick Signs Up Together with Alec Stewart, Somerset's Andy Caddick has signed up to play. Great idea to promote the sport in the US but Somerset fans, including myself, will be spitting blood over this. The tournament will clash directly with the English county season and so the prospect of...
  15. J

    *Official* English Domestic Season (2004)

    Wisden Cricket Interview I tried to post this on CricketWeb but not sure it worked so here goes again. I have interviewed the Wisden Editor John Stern for www.southwestcricket.com He rates Lancs and Warwickshire as Div 1 contenders and before Heath Streak's recent haul, thought he might make...