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  • Haha yeah!! Can get infracted pretty easily on there based on Jokes or even Curiosity/asking questions. Especially, considering things like Racism,Idiots, trolling, ****ty name calling and fights in different threads etc.. are allowed for it to be a "open" forum.
    With that NZ thing, that was definitely an infraction as Cribb has specifically said he would infract anyone who said "I would have played for X" with no good reason. Rusty saw it as you ignoring what Cribb had told everyone (a five pointer) as opposed to it being spam (a one pointer). As an aside, I did warn you that it was likely to get infracted. You could have deleted your post and got away with it. :ninja:
    Look, I support giving you a 1 pointer for your post - especially after I'd said it had been annoying me. I've just checked through your past infractions to see if any are still active that shouldn't be, and there's none. I'd worry less about this infraction, and more about the 5 pointer you got for saying you should play for NZ.

    You see, there's no flexibility in the points system. If you rack up 10 points, you get a ban. 20 points etc. The one that took you from 0 points to 1 point might be silly, but if you get to 10, it doesn't matter if any of them are silly or not, you hit the ban. I'm happy to speak to Cribb about it, but I doubt he'll have any sympathy.
    Speak to Cribb about it. I agree, it's very harsh to get a ban for it, but if you weren't on 19 infraction points already I don't think there'd be much of a problem with it at all tbh. I know it was a joke, but so were your half a dozen posts about changing Zohaib's rego. The truth be told, I think Cribb's a little bit cheesed off with how you push the limits in general. Zero tolerance to Incey's silliness.

    Agree that the ban is harsh though; but that's the trouble with the infraction model.
    Hahahaha. Fair question, you just flicked over onto 20 infraction points.

    You got an infraction for your deliberate trolling in the RU Training Thread. I asked Cribb his advice and he suggested I unleash the infractionhammer.
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