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  • Yeah just waiting on Cribb to come online to do so. It shouldn't be long, he is always on.
    You can register your player after getting a cricsim account here:
    Registrations - Page 5 - CricSim
    You can play as a batsman, batting allrounder, bowling allrounder, allrounder, bowler and wicket keeper. I don't think I'm allowed to influence you on what is best for the team or anything so pick whatever player role you like the best!

    And after that you can sign a contract for the Allstars here:
    Season 11 Contracts - Page 4 - CricSim
    All you need to do is type your:
    "Simming Name
    Yeah it's Cribb's forum based around a cricket simulation league, where you register a player who's skill is then determined through a mixture of the type of player you choose, your activity on the forum and luck.

    The forum on a whole is a bit more relaxed than CW. Also if you sign up to the Stars subforum you'll be able to get into some activities with me Heef and Howe. Other CWers who play for different teams are Phlegm, Cribb, Chewie, Mike, Shri, Daemon etc. There are just dozens of us on there.

    Reckon you may like it.
    Hey mate I was just wondering if you were interested in cricsim? Would love for a bloke you to be on my team and I'm actually pretty surprised no one has been hounding you for the new season yet.
    I'll need a while. I'm on the phone, away from home. I'll probably not be able to get on the computer for a good while until after 3 days. Feel free to go ahead with any plans if I don't pick a 12th player by tonight.
    There have been leagues run on VC4 in the past. Why don't you go through the scorecards to get a feel of it? Would save you time entering the data if you decide to go ITC instead. There might have been a couple of VC4 leagues on here, and I think the CPL on cricsim uses VC4? Marcuss would know.
    VC4 is very good, but from what I hear, ITC is preferable. PEWS/Marcuss to confirm and provide(?).

    VC4 is definitely better than nothing, though. IMO it tends to favour huge 4th innings chases and thats about the only flaw it has.

    I've never used ITC, so if its a headache to feed in the data and sim, VC4 would be the way to go..
    Just seen what you've changed it to. I like it but I also like the suggestion Joe has just come up with, worth considering?
    *sad face*
    Just means that mediocre players from the 1900s might end up being picked imo. Rather than excellent players who played in the 1890s, just to avoid one or two poor players.
    Reckon we'd be fine (A)
    Mate, I'd say players whose entire careers were pre-1900. You're ruling out the likes of Trumper!
    Think about it, so long as they've played after 1900 there's a way out of the mire of the early 20th century :P
    Yeah, sure, I can do that. If I can't get Klusener, how about Oram? Any instructions on order? Think it's worth picking up Tresco early.
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