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Recent content by henochschon

  1. H

    Warne out of the World Cup!!!

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: Better call a Doc, infact make it a female doctor:lol:
  2. H

    Which teams would be adversely effected by Cond/Pitches in SA ?

    well not any more!wasim doesn't even know how to control the bowl now, perhaps they should bring back mushtaq ahmad:lol: I think what he was trying to say was that Akram cannot control the ball as well as the great Indian pacer "Ajit Agarkar":lol::lol:
  3. H

    *Official* India v West Indies Tests & ODIs

    There should be age restriction on this site, kids shouldn't be allowed to fool around over here!
  4. H

    *Official* India v West Indies Tests & ODIs

    He seems to be a five year old kid who's obsessed with Pakistan.I wonder why is his mom allowing him to use the PC?
  5. H

    How to prevent crowd trouble in India?

    The International Cricket Council (ICC) said it was looking at expanding its powers to remove international status from venues after crowd trouble again marred India's one-day series with West Indies on Tuesday. But one can't ban all the venues in India, or can we??
  6. H

    Why are English cricketers always injured???

    Interestingly Gough is yet to play a test match in the current year!!
  7. H

    ICC Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka

    Deam on Buddy, Black Caps will easily make it to the super six, though i can't say the same about the Englsih team:O
  8. H

    Who is your favourite cricketer?

    IT sure does! You forgot Ajit AgarKAR, in this case , it signifies Failure:P
  9. H

    When Will England Ever Win A World Cup?

    Proteas wanted to chase,had England won the toss they would have probably batted second too.All the teams must have been aware of the rule but must not have realised would would the dumb rules would lead to. 22 runs of 13 balls were certainly possible, especially when two set batters were on...
  10. H

    When Will England Ever Win A World Cup?

    The proteas were indeed cheated of a final birth in the '92 WC. In the match against England, SA required 22 off 13 balls, that is less than 2 runs per ball.SA had 4 wkts in hand and the batters on pitch were McMillan and Richardson, both were batting very well in that match.Unfortunately Rain...
  11. H

    You were WRONG on the Polls !

    Who the hell is mark 2???
  12. H

    Worst Captain?

    I had already mentioned Hussain's name, as for Flemming, Warne have rated him as the best skipper !!
  13. H

    Worst Captain?

    Alright, but not all of them are good.Flemming is the best, while Nasir,Waugh/Ponting and Hooper are also good.The rest ??
  14. H

    Worst Captain?

    Who is the dummest Skipper currently??