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  • If you have a problem with a post, you have to report it. That's how it works. Proper action will then be taken. You are not given carte blanche to then counter attack.

    Accuracies and enquiries in an uncivil tone will be infracted. You're making it a fight about liberals vs conservatives in an uncivil tone. That is why I gave you an ultimatum since I've already said that to you in a message earlier as you can see below.

    If you have joined CW just to post on politics in a vociferous way, then you will soon be banned. So change your tone.
    I just posted a stat sheet from a political forum, how could anerican politics upset the mostly aussie/ english posters? how could any of the posters in the political section know anything about what americans are truly feeling. Seems like you guys have swallowed a lot of MSM koolaid and have never lived in the US. Apart from politics, I don’t get the inflammatory argument as after all I could read your posts and many others as being inflammatory. At what point is something inflammatory? Is this an old boys brigade and anyone that comes along and new gets castigated and cops infractions. Btw I also only use my iphone so I was unaware that I was receiving any instructions from moderators, you might want to fix the glitches in the website rather than jump up and down, act like you are God and hand out sin bin times for bull**** made up infractions! That I suspect goes runs deep within the whole moderating structure here, just reading some of the comments posted on the messages section.
    Post in a less inflammatory tone. Be more respectful of differing povs in the politics thread. Try to understand and explain the proper context before dishing out statistics and narrative.

    It might also be a good idea to avoid the politics subforum if you are not able to do those things. This is, after all, a cricket forum and it should be enjoyed for the cricket primarily and not the politics :)
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