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  • I'm devastated Heef. Won't be the same mate. I'll keep in touch on here, specially when I make my trip over and dominate an AFL game :p.
    Yeah, I can imagine how much work is needed to get a new house into what you want. Did you build it or just moved somewhere else?
    Yeah, I guess you are right in what you say there. The whole reason the forum is there is for discussion.

    That's the thing, by you leaving, many of those guys will think they've won, and this will continue to do so. Then again, I guess they are used to being like that.

    Paddy has always been like that though. Even back when I was with the Ravens. He is just a fairly shy person who needs to work up his self confidence - I've seen him hit back with some of the support of the Ravens last season.

    Can't wait until it starts...been dragged on for ages.
    Yeah definitely a disappointment, can honestly say that every single Spartan is devastated. We're going to name the stadium in your honour :(. You made our subforum tbph but as you said you don't need to put up with that, especially from someone like him.

    Hey was a good game, Ryder and Baz got you off to a decent start before you had your wobble, as you do every game lol. Looking foward to your game against the English?? Need to win to qualify don't you?
    Yeah, fair enough. But if you ever wanted to come back we can get an admin to reset your password or something - doubt you'll ever want to though. :p

    I see your point. It is fairly dull. I just normally ignore those comments, or keep most things to myself, but that's just me.

    I would suggest maybe just limiting yourself to our sub-forum and the games one. But don't won't work. Anyway then, I'll keep you updated on our CPL cricket team.
    Dire that a good member like you have to leave because of a certain person. Couldn't you just put him on your ignore list and forget about him?

    Now you are leaving me in the middle of CPL Cricket and the Stingrays next season? Could you at least come back for the CPL Cricket, otherwise it would be pretty boring for me.
    Are you serious?! Could've told your President! Have to recruit a new Media Manager. Jeez, going to miss your threads :(. Wish you'd stay just to post in the subforum.

    Yeah, things are good cheers. Had a scooer/football match today. Catching up with the rest of my school work this very moment, great fun!
    How about on your side of the globe?
    I won't post one ever again Heef, that's including on Cricsim! *pleads*pleads*

    Tricks? Care to explain?
    Please check MMA thread for fight offer, 'CWFL 2- The Redemption',and training rules
    Just an idea.

    CWFL depends on winnings to pay for training points. The more you win the more you can add to your stats.

    Fighting and betting go hand in hand. I thought you may run a book on fights (when people get some cash after the first round).

    An additional aspect (people could back themselves etc) to the game and another income stream. Could be a good addition. Let me know what you think

    Id like to offer you $2000 with a possible $2000 win bonus to fight Freddy in 'CWFL 1- The Beginning'. It is also an Australasian Heavyweight title eliminator
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