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  • It seems rather pointless to have signed and not be a presence on the forum. Suffice it to say, if I do return at some stage - which is not impossible - then the situation will be re-examined at that point. I would assume I will not be turning out for the Ravens as I have not re-signed; so if/when I do return I can sign with who I wish?
    Bought an old place. Built in 1929 apparently. Which means that there's a **** load to do. The big winner in this is my missus who'll actually get some work out of me.
    Haha. Good on 'em if they think they've won. Really just highlights how pathetic they are. Hope they have a good party between the dozen or so of 'em when there's no one else left. I do have better things to do, what with just having bought a house and needing to do plenty of work on it.
    The point is that you shouldn't have to keep your opinions to yourself though. What is the point of going on a forum in the first place if you're not going to have your say on a topic.

    People are too scared of being burned by some of those guys to even talk on a forum, and that's very sad. I noticed, for example, that Paddy would delete quite a few posts (especially on rugby league) and he was deleting them for similar reasons.

    I'm still hoping that Heino Kuhn goes well. He a star for the future.
    Hey mate. I was going to PM "Fungus" on here, assuming it was you but couldn't be sure.

    I've changed my password to gibberish, so I couldn't log in even if I wanted to. I don't hold a grudge against him, he was clearly obsessed with me and I refused to reciprocate.

    Our CPL cricket team will select itself, and both the Stingrays and the Ravens can survive without my input. In many ways it is a shame, as there are some pretty decent guys over there but I have taken the opportunity to re-appraise my priorities and I have better things to do than have petty arguments with people. As it was, he was on my ignore list but he would pursue any "opinion" I had on the main forum with crap. It gets very dull, very quickly.

    Just to annoy you more, I'd made my mind up to sign for Team Fung ;)
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