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Recent content by fros23

  1. F

    *OFFICIAL* Fantasy Premier League 2013/14

    You guys aren't very good at this are you. :laugh:
  2. F

    New Bat - Slazenger V1200 Select

    You seem to be confused about what the splice is. How wide is this wide face?
  3. F

    Cricket Sledges

    This guy's like JLS, he's only got one shot Any time there is a runout let the other batsman know he's got to score two players worth of runs now Mind your toes at square leg
  4. F

    New Bat!

    How much did you pay for this county bat?
  5. F

    Womens World Cup

    Will there be a competition for the Women's World Cup?
  6. F

    FAO Neil Pickup - Tips against left arm spin bowling

    No probs being what it was I thought it was best not to put it has a link. Always had a bit of a crush on Holly, not sure if I could cope with having a girlfriend who was a better player than me though! :laugh:
  7. F

    FAO Neil Pickup - Tips against left arm spin bowling

    I enjoy a bit of women's cricket and whilst bored at work today found this through google whilst doing a search for Holly.
  8. F

    FAO Neil Pickup - Tips against left arm spin bowling

    The sad thing is that as soon as I read the last line I immediately presumed it was you!:laugh: Did she give you any good tips?
  9. F

    FAO Neil Pickup - Tips against left arm spin bowling

    Neil is this you that had the struggles against Miss Colvin? Holly Bowls us Over Holly Colvin, the youngest player ever to have played Test cricket for England, visited the Dragon on Tuesday. She gave the pupils from A to E Block valuable coaching tips and talked about her route to success...
  10. F

    Swanny's video diary

    The third installment of Swanny's video diary is absolutely brilliant, think I might have to work on my Sprinkler if I want to get to Bresnan's level. :laugh: Swanny's Ashes Video Diary | England Cricket | Australia Tour 2010-11
  11. F


    RMJ=Legend:punk: A minute in this gets great YouTube - We love you Tucker
  12. F

    How To Beat Batting Nerves?

    When I get nervous do you know what I do? I stop being nervous and be awesome instead. True story.
  13. F

    New bat

    I'm looking at getting a new bat for next season and have been looking at both Laver and Wood and Bradbury. Does anyone have any experience with these brands?
  14. F

    Willostix bats

    Will be getting a new bat over the winter and I am tempted by the willostix anaconda. Anyone had any experience with willostix bats, or should I spend my money elsewhere?
  15. F

    If you could have any player in the world for your club side who would it be and why

    Holly Colvin because we could do with a quality spinner plus she is gorgeous.:naughty: