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Recent content by Dravid

  1. Dravid

    IPL to be shifted outside India

    What the hell? What's the point of having an INDIAN cricket leauge outside India. Either have it home or don't have it all. You will never see the entire NBA season being played in India just because of security threats in America would you? No..they would either play it in america or cancel...
  2. Dravid

    ***Official India in New Zealand***

    Damn Sachin what a shot that was.
  3. Dravid

    Kumble calls it a day!

    I was shocked when i heard this. But I do agree he retired at the perfect time
  4. Dravid

    ***Official Australia in India***

    Gambhir is a beast.
  5. Dravid

    ***Official Australia in India***

    **** got carried away
  6. Dravid

    ***Official Australia in India***

    I wasn't expecting much out of Sehwag this inning anyway
  7. Dravid

    ***Official*** India in Australia

    so what is the Clarke incident I wasnt able to watch the match
  8. Dravid

    *** Official *** Pakistan in India

    I really don't think so. I believe declaration came just at the right time. It would be a really tough task for the batsman to chase this down, especially with an early wicket already falling, and it gives India a decent amount of time to try and get them all out.
  9. Dravid

    Is sachin tendulkar having the unluckiest year ever?

    Unlucky as in has there anyone that has got more 90s in a year and not a 100?
  10. Dravid

    Is sachin tendulkar having the unluckiest year ever?

    Is he?
  11. Dravid

    *** Official *** Pakistan in India

    Sachin is having the most unluckiest year of his career
  12. Dravid

    ***Official*** Australia in India

    2nd time Sachin gets lucky. He better hit a century
  13. Dravid

    Nfl 2007

    Lets go I got marvin harrison on my fantasy team and he picks up the 30 yrd touch down catch by manning
  14. Dravid

    Number of 50s in a series without a 100

    So whats the number of the most 50s one batsman has hit in a series including tests and odi without scoring a 100. Tendulkar must be really close to the record. He's having pretty bad luck these days once he goes past his 50
  15. Dravid

    NFL Fantasy League

    I'm happy with what I got