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  • Haha, I'm still not too convinced that susudear was Precambrian. He'd created a few multis already and they got banned - and he's admitted to that - but he still denies being susudear. I think it's possible that someone took advantage of the situation and created a really annoying troll account to frame him, knowing they could get away with it.
    Fair enough.

    .. and I/we have known about this account for years. We don't take action unless people use the multis to post with multiple identities, to get around bans or to rig polls. VMs are murky territory I guess.
    Not good enough :( All it would've needed was an email! :'(
    Glad you're back, safe and presumably well
    VM'd you, then suddenly remembered that he had to take over the candy battle and figured he might know why you left, so I asked him. Looks like he's already getting stuck into you on your wall, lol.
    I actually wasn't aware of what made you leave at all; was just curious as I thought you'd vanished and the multi made it more mysterious. Marcuss tells me you got a job on a ship though; congrats. Hope you can post soonish.
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