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Recent content by cricketsavant

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    Is Dhoni greatest OdI cricketer off all-time

    No, the reasoning does not work. This talk of creating also has to include taking chances, so if the idea is the number of chances a keeper has, must encapsulate all aspects of that discussions. So if you are intent on claiming Indian bowlers could not create merely 20 or so chances in 3 times...
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    Jimmy vs Haze vs Bhuvi

    I think Bhuvi is the greatest fast bowler ever! dont argue with me!
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    Is Dhoni greatest OdI cricketer off all-time

    I know you're trying to be clever and you have your little hype men but as I stated, it is not just dismissals per innings. I also qualified looing at 200 dismissals minimum but if we go back to Dhoni v Gilly, Dhoni played 63 more games. If he is better, can you explain why he couldn't even take...
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    Is Dhoni greatest OdI cricketer off all-time

    Finally, a good constructive post sir! So, first off, my argument was in response to a couple of posters who think exactly what you dont, that "claiming Dhoni is the undisputed, unanimously chosen greatest ODI player of all time". One poster even said it was "extremely absurd" to think Gilly...
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    Who is England's greatest cricketer?

    So, someone brought up Jimmy, so by using the normal definition of greatest (which incorporates best), could Jimmy arguably be the greatest English bowler?
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    Infraction Discussion Thread

    You're a mod?? ok well thanks!
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    Infraction Discussion Thread

    Put me in touch with your sources haha
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    Infraction Discussion Thread

    Please read the conversation before replying. To summarise, I think that infraction is fine but then the previous guy started posting my posts on here, stating I was being racially biased by claiming honestbarani was Indian....which he is. Although I only did that in response to people...
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    Gilchrist v Dhoni

    You sure Dhoni shouldn't ball too? He is the greatest after all :)
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    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    Morgan was making some noise earlier in the year/late last year about Hales having a way back if he proved himself. He should be allowed back, considering Stokes has been.
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    Is Dhoni greatest OdI cricketer off all-time

    So, just to be clear, someone with more dismissals in 63 fewer games is not a good enough reason. You make so much sense sir. I hope to learn more from you :)
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    Infraction Discussion Thread

    What do you mean? I asked how calling someone Indian, an Indian, is offensive. I am still waiting for this answer if you want to provide it. If not, you can post as such.
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    *Official* Pakistan in England 2020

    I wasn't sure how the squad bubbles were shaping up. I think I read Root will play the T20 blast and wantst o be back in the side (he really should), especially as Roy looks to be out. I don't think we can take this Pakistan T20 lightly, even though they aren't as good as a couple years ago.
  14. C

    Jimmy Anderson

    It goes to show you how special sub 25 averaging test fast bowlers are, especially those who have played a long career (Wasim, Holding, Marshall, McGrath etc). It makes them even more impressive that most of those guys averaged just as good in ODI bowling too. I really hope that Cummins...
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    The ATG Teams General arguing/discussing thread

    Shadab from Pakistan is a very athletic spinner. One of the very best point fielders going, just a shame we ddint get to watch him in England much.