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Recent content by ClownSymonds

  1. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    And if Haddin had been given out, Hussey might have played differently and gone on to score 70. I'm sorry, but India are crap.
  2. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    Why, what did he do? And yeah, terrible decision. That was out by a mile, suicidal running, even if there was a tiny bit of doubt, look at the players' reaction and the front-on replay.
  3. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    HAHA, Clown's crap. Marto's screwed. Career over. Australia's going to lose, and West Indies are a million dollars richer.
  4. ClownSymonds

    ***Official*** Zimbabwe in South Africa

    I gave Boucher my vote for best wicketkeeper. Poor Zim... Well, at least Prosper took a couple wickets. I honestly think that I'm better than Mupariwa. He bowls inaccurate seam-ups slower than I do, and seems to be putting in a ton of effort doing it.
  5. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    Yeah, I'm a fan of playing your best team every match, in proper order.
  6. ClownSymonds

    Andrew Symonds: Specialist Batsman in test cricket?

    He won't make the test team as it is.
  7. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    Semi-matchfixing here. The Windies gave India every opprotunity to win, first by playing a terrible bowling attack that somehow came good, then by totally messing up their batting order. Good for them - now they still have a chance at a million dollars, and will get it if India can beat...
  8. ClownSymonds

    # 5 for 1986-2006 World Test XI

    I was considering Ganguly, but went with Shivnarine Chanderpaul in the end. Lara has it won already, and Chanderpaul needed to get off the mark.
  9. ClownSymonds

    Favourite All-Time XI

    Yes, I would. Bradman has been out of form for some time and needs to be protected. And thank you.
  10. ClownSymonds

    ***Official** Malaysia Tri-Series

    India are terrible. They have the paper lineup - looks good, but burns. West Indies are great. My second favorite team. Chris Gayle has the best celebration going around.
  11. ClownSymonds

    Who is your favourite cricketer?

    Seven. There's also Prosper and Blessing. And Kennedy, too... Maybe eight then. I do like the idea of a spherical coin though.
  12. ClownSymonds

    Favourite All-Time XI

    1. Sachin Tendulkar 2. Saeed Anwar 3. Ricky Ponting 4. Brian Lara 5. Don Bradman (c) 6. Viv Richards 7. Adam Gilchrist (wk) 8. Garfield Sobers 9. Wasim Akram 10. Shane Warne 11. Glenn McGrath 12th Man: Younis Khan 13th Man: Shivnarine Chanderpaul 14th Man: Blessing Mahwire 15th Man: Prosper...
  13. ClownSymonds

    Best captain in world cricket

    Prosper Utseya for me. Ricky "we'll have a bowl mate" Ponting tied for second with Inzamam "boys played well" Ul-Haq. Shivnarine "..." Chanderpaul gets an honorable mention for his past performances.
  14. ClownSymonds

    Wicketkeeper for 1986-2006 World XI

    I went with Boucher, because only he and Ian Smith (whoever that is) were on a duck. Gilly wins, of course. Flower second on batting, Russell second on style.
  15. ClownSymonds

    Ambrose-Walsh or Wasim Akram-Waqar Younis

    What about Blessing/Prosper? Of the choices given, I'd go with Wasim/Waqar. I like Ambrose a lot, but Walsh isn't my favorite.