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  • Good luck tomorrow, mate. When you think your Party is going to win, it's just a great night tonight, with the anticipation of tomorrow.

    Then tomorrow is just electric at the polling booths, and the nervous feeling as those first booths come in at 6:45pm or so.
    btw, how did your similar situation pan out? did you write a letter/go to court or just cop it sweet? and was it 8 points for using your phone?
    thanks burge, i'll follow your advice. i'll work on a letter this week and will shoot the draft through to you to look over. very kind of you btw. after that gets rejected i suppose we can worry about the next step. thanks again
    hey mate, all good.

    so i'm a support worker, i drive around disabled people to appointments/shopping/etc. Stupidly on Thursday I was caught fiddling with google maps on my phone at a red light by a motorbike cop, pulled over and whacked with a 10 demerit point hit because its 5 points for phones now and double demerits. I normally have a phone holder like cabbies but it broke a few days earlier and yeah

    Other than a 2 point speeding fine in Jan my current record was clean but 10 points is a massive hit, now I have 1 point left to last nearly 3 years. it's gonna be tough as I drive all day for work, I know I'll make a mistake somewhere and likely lose my job.
    My question is do you think I could successfully appeal the double demerits part of this incident? 6 points left would be a helluva lot more handy than 1. Is there a lot of subjectivity involved with this? I objectively ****ed up with the phone, but do you think a judge could look favorably on me in the circumstances?
    Hey mate, can I ask you a quick legal question. Sorry to bother you but I just got majorly ****ed by double demerits yesterday
    Would never think otherwise, Burg :)

    Taking a break from the forum until the WC. Nothing to do with you, of course.
    Doing my bit for #bertmentum: twitter.com/cricket_gc/status/1108101087066755073
    Cheers mate

    It just boils the blood, that I go to a doctor after an accident in which the other party had admitted full liability for but apparantly i have to pay for the doctor.

    Its not even a huge amount, but its just not my fault
    All good mate, just wanted to some advice

    Basically, I got a message from the Doctor (private clinic) saying that CPT insurance won't cover my fees and that I have to pay it myself

    Surely thats rubbish? I even got a free motorbike while Im waiting for my insurance pay out (Bike was written off)
    Hey Burgos

    I went to a doctor on Monday to have my leg checked out and gave them my insurance claim number for the person that hit me

    I've just got a message from the Doctor saying that they will not pay this fee and that I have to pay it myself

    That's bull**** right?
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