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  • Are you actually calling BS? 'cause I'm spreadsheeted up to my eyeballs and would be happy to share
    Haha have had technical difficulties ... Sorted now give me an hour or two
    Couldn't whip me a VM when the next English Football LMS starts, could you mate? Was meaning to contribute again but missed out.
    Yeah it was ridiculous. Had all the most blatantly obvious signs you could imagine. Wouldn't completely surprise me if it was another regular doing a bit of a parody tbh. I mean, how does he expect it to not be suspicious that he's voting in the Battle of the Members for members who haven't posted once since he joined?
    Willing to contribute a write-up for one of the top ten mate? Not sure which band yet but I'm sure one of your higher ups will be there or thereabouts.
    Yep, spot on. They set it out to make people think it meant "Does anyone care?" - so one of the gang would reply to a tedious argument with "DAC?" and then one of the others would reply with "Yes, IMO". The idea was to create an acronym everyone thought meant one thing but actually meant another - "Dickinson's a ****" in this example. It never really took off much though.
    Puts me in mind of the great Homer Simpson line, reading the note he finds in his emergency donut box: "'Dear Homer, I.O.U. one emergency donut. Signed, Homer.' Bastard! He's always one step ahead!"
    Just posted about CB Fry in the "Most Glamorous Cricket" thread and on reflection, and then investigation, it turns out I've subconsciously plagiarised a phrase first turned by you. Apologies - but it feels wrong to edit it out. Imitation, etc.
    Much obliged. Figured as much but appreciate the confirmation. A lot of their stuff sounds like it was made to be performed live, should be good.
    Evening/morning. Quick question, how are Elbow live? They're nearby next week and tickets are reasonably cheap. Do they tend to play recent stuff only or their full repertoire? Cheers.
    Even though you're a dirty Arsenal fan, I've always thought you were a top bloke Brumbers. Keep on rocking my good man.
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