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  • Just to clarify, you're not planning on doing LMS for the Ashes are you? I only ask as I'll happily run it if you don't want to, but I wouldn't want to steal the honours away from you if you've had a change of heart from what you said in the Crabs subbie a month ago.
    had it marked down as a loss last week, very happy. wish i could go back to the start of the season, i'd have made some better picks at the start to increase the salary cap
    Here's said b-side reversed btw
    Beady Eye - Dreaming of some Space (reversed) - YouTube
    That I didn't know (don't own said CD myself although it will be in my amazon save for later list I'm sure). I have a solo version from his Anthology box set but that came out a few years after the Beatles version. Surprised there wasn't more comment around that at the time, although it explains why he gets a sole writing credit on that versus the Lennon/Macca/Harrison/Starkey credit on Free As a Bird (if I'm not mistaken).
    You get a listen to that tune I posted in the Crabs subbie?

    Also check out the b-side post haste:
    Beady Eye - Dreaming of Some Space (Bside) - YouTube
    help me brumbers, they're ganging up on poor me, SARWAN, SARWAN, SARWAN ONLY SARWAN.
    I'm honestly surprised

    First time I've watched the guy FTR, so I'm not a 'fan' but I enjoyed it and its the holy grail of songs to me so I don't take covers lightly
    Jake Bugg - Slide Away in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge - YouTube

    Check it out, you will like
    Just saw your post on OT, cheers for that. Wasn't really expecting one as I don't go down there very often (oo-er, etc). Had a few beers with Fletch and Mrs F in Maidstone on Saturday, no hard feelings wrt CFF but I won''t be going back there in the near future.
    Still can't wrap my head around the Jimmy Carr gag at the end of your sig. And curiosity has gotten the better of me, so I need it explained.

    Is it similarly themed to the "Difference between Lance and Adolf? Lance finished a race" one?
    Brumbers, what's the procedure with regards to acquiring 6 nations tickets? My old man turns 40 next year and would been to grab some for England v Ireland if there's any way it's possible
    Yes, your mention of Bernard Sumner in the thread earlier on prompted me to have a listen. Had forgotten how much I enjoyed some of their stuff.

    Will link GIMH to World in Motion in due course.
    I'm not sure what this could mean, I don't think you're what you seem, I do admit to myself, that if I hurt someone else, then I'll never see just what we're meant to be.
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