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Recent content by Andre

  1. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2016/17

    Yep that's my thoughts exactly. Honestly can't fathom how far NSW seems to have moved from the promoting their own policy on this one. Part of me is pleased that the idea of winning comes first but interesting to see what the response will be to this.
  2. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2016/17

    Mason Crane in the NSW squad for the Shield match. English overseas player in grade. Hope he's switched allegiance to become an Aussie or is purely a net bowler, as it's a pretty huge slap in the face to the NSW system if they are picking a 20 year old spinner as an overseas pro.
  3. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2016/17

    Dan Marsh axed by Tassie. Hard to argue really. Will be interesting to see what direction they go in with their playing roster.
  4. Andre

    Australian Test Selection 2016/2017

    Keen to hear more about this. Smith? Not a fan?
  5. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2016/17

    For all the hype of Doran playing like a young Mike Hussey, on first glance today he looks a lot more similar to Justin Langer technically than Hussey
  6. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2016/17

    I worked at the Balmain earlier this year for a while. Jeez the burgers are good. The team would have been looking to finish off the night at the workers for sure. Just quietly, how embarrassing for the tournament that Hazlewood is rested in the final.
  7. Andre

    The Do's and Dont's of watching a Test live at the ground

    Only advice - don't leave your seat during an over. Wait till the end of the over. Nothing worse than people up and down during play. Pretty basic ettiquette at the ground
  8. Andre

    Australian Domestic Off Season 2016

    Gut feel is that Raphael is probably the sort of bloke Siddons loves - hard worker, plus one of the top few fielders going around. Setting an example to a young squad, he's probably the kind of guy the want around. Cossie still a quality talent but jeez - how long have we been saying that now...
  9. Andre

    Australian Domestic Off Season 2016

    I've heard a little rumour of Tim Paine to Sydney. Will be interested to see if anything comes of it.
  10. Andre

    Andy Flintoff and bowling

    Reality around Flintoff is that as outstanding as he was, he just bowled a touch too short too often. Didn't hit the stumps all that often and was a fraction short and quick for the ball to get edges frequently - think Gillespie at his best, the ball would simply just beat the bat because the...
  11. Andre

    Australian test selection thread 2015/16

    Bancroft reserve keeper.
  12. Andre

    Australian Domestic Season 2015/16

    Scott Henry had moved to Brisbane. Mire is apparently playing grade in Sydney. Alex Kemp for Qld moved to Sydney late last summer.
  13. Andre

    What would your stats be if you actually played international cricket?

    Yeah spot on mate. Going up from 2's to 1's it's not that the guys were that much better; it was more that everything happened better for longer the higher up the grades. I remember facing guys who had played lots of Shield cricket in 1s and they were just smarter and more consistent. Obviously...
  14. Andre

    Australian test selection thread 2015/16

    Reckon one of Maxi Klinger or Bailey will be a smokey for the tour - no Warner, Haddin, Clarke, Watson, Johnson, Buck so there is a massiv leadership void. Not sold that Nevill is over the line either; he'll go on this tour but really needs runs, his batting looked a touch limited for my liking...
  15. Andre

    Cricket on Foxtel

    To all the Aussies with pay TV out there: Anyone noticed Eng vs SL is not on Foxtel? I spoke to Foxtel and they 'don't have the rights', but the cricket board websites suggest they do. Anyone else put out by this? Used to love having the English Test series and some of their domestic cricket...