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Recent content by amits

  1. amits

    best batsman since 2001

    the best batsman has been Rahul Dravid, followed by 2) Laxman 3) Lara 4) Ponting and 5) Sachin
  2. amits

    best international team in 2013

    after 10 years from now on, which team u expect to be the best in cricket ? aussie dominance will fall after 4 consecutive test series losses to ind(h), sl(a), ind(a) and pak(h) and wont recover from that to be no.1. aus might be 3/4 or something. i expect india to be at the top as v have the...
  3. amits

    Predictions League Round 17

    y does "Draw" come as :Draw ? is the word "Draw" banned over here. also "Pollock" comes as :Pollock". this happened to me in the last wi-sa prediction thread as well and it has happened with nikhil as well.
  4. amits

    Predictions League Round 17

    Toss:WI Result:Draw Bat:Lara Bowl:Pollock Runs:1182 Wickets:30
  5. amits

    Predictions League Round 16

    Toss:Ind Result:Ind Bat:Laxman Bowl:Agarkar Runs:1374 Wickets:30
  6. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    nice to c CDAK, rajat and jagaways filling the gap created by me. i take back the comment that indians living outside india arent patriotic. jagaways, shows that indians living outside india can be patriotic as well. i expect him to settle back india later on. back to the test, it was the...
  7. amits

    Amit Bhandari

    y bhandari isnt being selected is a mystery. bhandari is a very good bowler and has looked to be the best bowler in the kenstar tournament. irfan, is still young, but he has been a very useful bowler and took 3 wickets against pak and sl u-19s. y balaji is being selected is another mystery...
  8. amits

    *Official* VB Series - Australia, India & Zimbabwe

    i am shocked to c that gambhir and bhandari, who had a very good kenstar tournament havent been selected in the team. y india have gone with balaji in the series is a mystery. bhandari, would have been very useful in aus and gambhir, would have given india a solid start in the odis along with...
  9. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    as for the forums, i find this cricketweb.net forum the best and i will try to improve the level of this forum. now lets all go back to cricket and stop all non-cricket talks here. for that, v can use the off-topic forum. nice to c that there hasnt been any ind-pak war here and there shouldnt...
  10. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    back to the cricket, for the 3rd test, india were at 278/1 at 1 stage and looking to post 600+. i was expecting ind to win by an innings then. it was :( to c sehwag miss a 200, but :D to c him hit a quick 195 and hit all the aussie bowlers all over the park. it was a :!( collapse from there on...
  11. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    i am back now. in new delhi, the temp is almost 10 deg C. i went 2400 kms away from new delhi for a few days. i didnt disappear mysteriously. i also went over for half an hour in search of a cyber cafe, but it was :( that i couldnt find it so as to be with u all. back to the cricket, australia...
  12. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    the match is about to start. if ind bat 1st, ind will hit 300+ today. if aus win the toss, aus will be out for less than 250 today. cant wait for the match :D
  13. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    what u think of the america blackout ? atleast here the lifts were moving in my apartments. also the life didnt came to a standstill. it still moved on as the generators were on.
  14. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    back to the cricket, lee is a total shyt bowler. he was hit for 1/100 in 20 overs by guess what, teams like bangladesh and zimbabwe :lol: i have been saying this that, lee wont be any threat to the indian batsman. bracken and williams r much better bowlers than him. earlier, aus had ind at...
  15. amits

    *Official* India in Australia Thread

    also bapu rao swami, u r very unpatriotic and u r a disgrace to india and its people. u dont deserve to be called an indian. i am sure that u r an aussie RNI. vishnureddy, u r also becoming unpatriotic. in the predictions forum, u said aus will win the 3rd test. learn something from jagaways...