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Agent Nationaux

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  • Jono and myself bet on New Zealand and they immediately lost a couple of wickets afterwards, took them to 105/7 chasing over 200, and Prez was giving us heaps about how much our bets had failed and how hilarious it was that we'd lost... and the New Zealand came back and won anyway.
    Yeah don't know what to believe myself. Each side is accusing the other of starting it and escalating it. Anyway, the latest news is that they've decided to cool things down. Hope that's true. Very tragic if any more soldiers have to die.
    I found it on a property search engine, which then put me in contact with an agent. Not cheap doing it that way though, and estate agents are terrible, they'll inevitably make a hash of it somehow! That said, there aren't many alternative options, but you might want to have a look on gumtree. You'll find a lot of crap on there, but you occasionally unearth a gem, it's how I came across my place in Soton, and it would cut out all the crap you'd have to put up with from agents. Defo worth looking around though, because there's no shortage of decent places in London. None of them will be cheap, but some will be drastically cheaper than others, so worth taking the time to have a decent look.
    Oh right, fair dos. I'm not sure how much help I can be, but I'd be happy to share any experiences and insight I picked up from my time there.
    Hey lad, I lived in London all last year, but am only there every now and again these days for various events etc... Live in Southampton now. How come?
    It depends on where you live. If you live in a major city, you're going to have plenty of halal options in restaurants. In Dallas for example, I can find any type of halal food I want - be that burgers, steak, pizza, fried chicken, wings, Chinese, Thai etc. Most of the halal places are independent stores and not franchises like McDonalds. There are a few halal KFC's though.

    Now if you live in a small city in Wisconsin, then you're probably **** out of luck.
    I don't know. None of the articles I read about him mentioned corruption. However, he was human so it wouldn't shock me if he was imperfect. Even if he was corrupt though, it doesn't take away from the fact that he was brave in speaking up for minorities and paid the ultimate price for it. He's a hero in my eyes.
    Haha, very excited. He seems promosing. Unfortunately, I really haven't been able to see any of the matches so far, so I'm going by what I read on match reports and a few highlights on YouTube. I'm sure YOU are most excited about Gul not being the primary strike bolwer anymore! ;-)
    Hey! Sorry, but I had to delete your last post in the tour thread. We don't allow linking to rival forums here. Hope you understand. Besides, if we started posting what the general fans in that forum and PakPassion are saying, we'll have a full blown flame war! ;-)
    James doesn't allow members to change user names so easily. I think you should stick to Agent Nationaux, it's part of your identity here. Otherwise, new members would just wonder what "AN" stands for.
    Nah, I'd back our guys to win it. It will be a close series, as many Pak/Inda series are, but I think based on the current form of the players we have the edge. Keep the faith AN!
    Yeah, stick to that and you'll be right. They even tell you which competency the Q is related to, so as long as you have your answer off pat you're golden.
    Not at all.

    I'm a PA (Band C) at a Job Centre. Public facing. Have no ambitions to advance any further as the real power management has is next to none. The tail wags the dog.

    'Fraid I know squat about the management fast track stuff, but if I could give one bit of advice for DWP interviews it's have your answer prepared for the competancy and don't worry about the question you're asked at all.

    As long as you hit all the key phrases (which should be listed in the key skills) answering the question is more or less irrelevant. I've seen so many good candidates thrown by the question and stuff up the interview.
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