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Thread: Peter McGlashan - More than just a trophy...

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    Peter McGlashan - More than just a trophy...

    More than just a trophy...
    Black Cap Peter McGlashan looks forward to the impending Champions Trophy and discusses it's importance to the whole cricket community in New Zealand as well as the 50 over format of the game. He looks at some of the difficulties New Zealand Cricket faces when trying to compete internationally and gives his view on one cause of the top order frailties. He also comments on the implications for all involved if the tournament fails to hit the mark.

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    "New Zealand cricket has always fought above its weight, with registered players just over 100,000, compared to Australia's 500,000 and England's 800,000. "

    Great article. This quote caught my eye. NZ cricket's registered players may get lower I believe. Despite the fact we have grown in population from 3M to 4M people in the last 20 years the total number of people playing cricket MAY be showing signs of declining anecdotally. People in my club report that for my neck of the woods there were some 500 kids playing cricket 20 years ago while there are only 300 now.
    I wish I had firmer numbers to back this up than just quotes from people. If anyone has some scientific information please post it.
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    Would be very interesting actually to see the number of kids playing rugby/football/cricket 10 years ago and the numbers playing those 3 codes now.

    Would guess rugby and cricket have gone backwards but football has increased by like 200%.

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