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Thread: Warm Ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by Athlai View Post
    His bowling would be fine and probably better than Oram's.
    Disagree. While Oram can't bat, or apparently take many wickets at the mo - his bowling is much more accurate than that left arm shoulder slumper Franklin.

    So while Oram may not run through a team, at least he can keep the runs down (filthy statment really).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polo23 View Post
    Was having a crack at the NZ supporters (of which there are a lot of) who continue to tell us Broom is no good, despite having limited opportunities. I've been saying Broom should be in the side for 3 years!

    I probably should have added the rolled eyes smiley to my previous post or something.

    Stoked he did well in that game. Obviously just a warmup and one good innings doesn't make a player, but he has all the tools to produce at international level.
    Don't recall anyone saying he was 'no good'. A few including myself merely questioned his inclusion in the top XI. Despite the obvious delight you've taken from this one good innings this latest warm-up match, I might remind you his highest score in 9 ODI innings to date is 36, so he's hardly delivered at International level yet. That said, would probably start him in this 1st game against SA if picking on form.

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