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Thread: England's squad?

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    I think it's a recurring theme in the England selection that they're too easily captivated by the classical strokeplay of an up-and-coming batsman. In fairness to them, Ramprakash and Bell has plenty of runs on the board too, but there's no way they'd have been retained so long if it weren't for the mere aesthetics of their game (in Bell's case anyway). Getting out in a variety of different ways is in no way "better" than getting out the same way a lot.

    I'd always want to see the runs on the board when it comes to picking batsmen. The key skills in batting- consistency, concentration, mental toughness- are demonstrated better by how many runs a player gets over a number of years than by watching them bat. Obviously you have to watch them bat too, but I'd certainly give the numbers a sizeable weighting. With bowling I'd be a hell of a lot less methodical.

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    Bopara has plenty of runs on the board too, he averages 43 in FC cricket (same as Bell), 45 if you remove tests, over 89 matches.

    With Bopara, I am hoping against hope that Essex make promotion to Division 1. Will be really good for him, as well as Foster, Napier, Cook (if not playing ODIs).

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    Can't see Bopara ever making it personally.

    He's mentally not there. Players either have it or they don't and it lasts their career with very few exceptions.

    There were runs for the taking against Australia. Any half decent batsman would have made a decent contribution - see Denly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    (re. Bell) Think it's definitely one of those cases where he's looked better and better with each game he's missed.

    Averaging 86.16 in List A for the season, as it goes.
    Wouldn't be surprised to see Cook in the frame again too.

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