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Thread: Is the Champions Trophy just a waste of time this year?

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    May 2006
    yeh it is quite a waste of time but I think it will be taken over by the Twenty20 World Cup

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    May 2006
    say what you want... you will all be watching it no doubt

    i like it... it'll let us know where Australia is compared to teams like India and Pakistan who have been really good... Esp. India... i think its gonna be India vs Oz in the Champs trophy final and there will be a massive crowd...the Indians like their ODI more than tests

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    Quote Originally Posted by LongK
    Total waste of time. Its only there for the money. Equivelent(sp) to the commonwealth games.
    Actually I'd disagree there.

    The Commonwealth games are great for lesser nations to compete on a global stage in some less mainstream sports.

    They're also played in a great sense of good fun.
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    Yeah, while the Champion Trophy was only recently made in the hope of making some money when not alot of cricket is played whereas the Commonwealth Games have a pretty good sense of tradition to them.

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    May 2006
    yeh it was made for the bigger nations and now the bigger nations don't want it

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    Whatever you guys think its a taster for the World Cup and we will probably all be glued to our TVs!
    Plus its the only competition Australia haven't won yet and this time its on Indian soil, not somewhere where they have be very successful. Watching the Aussies (angry from their Ashes defeat last year) playing at their absolute best will be an attraction even though the end result may be meaningless

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by Run like Inzy
    Whatever you guys think its a taster for the World Cup and we will probably all be glued to our TVs!
    As long aa you have Pay TV

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    If the tournament final turns into a dress rehearsal for the World Cup final, i.e. Australia vs. Pakistan, I might start taking an interest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    Tricky one there.

    The thread asks a question to which the answer is yes, but then the poll reverses it - I nearly made an error in voting!
    I have unfortunately made the cardinal sin and voted the wrong way without reading the Poll question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JASON
    I have unfortunately made the cardinal sin and voted the wrong way without reading the Poll question.
    I think most of the 21 voters did that
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    I actually stand by my originally misplaced vote.
    Im suffering such severe withdrawal symptoms since NZ last played I'll take cricket in any form.

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    I'm not sure what I have said before, but I think it will be important especially given the World Cup next year.
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    It'll be a waste of time for India and Australia, as England shall embarass them

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    Really looking forward to it, itís international cricket. And sure are participation will not be for very long (you would think) but you definitely know the likes of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and South Africa will be taking this competition very seriously.

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    In my opinion, this isn't the right time to have this tournament. The World Cup is too close for this tournament to take place. The hype and money invested into this tournament shouldve been given to the World Cup to make the World Cup even better. This tournament should've taken place after the World Cup.

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