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Thread: Hitwicket - Online Management Game

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    Hitwicket - Online Management Game <-- Link to game

    I used to play Battrick & FTP, but have recently found a game which has only recently started to expand to global from India.
    It has a very very sound layout with a helpful community
    You can play 4 matches per day in fresher's league until you get good enough to join division 7.

    There is also a very good app which notifies you when someone outbids against one of your players, or the results of your match,etc.

    I think this game has huge potential, there is already many Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshian players, but not so many Australians.
    If you join and you need help, comment here and I'll do my best to help you!

    My name on this game is same as here: frosty

    It is totally free to play!
    See you on the pitch :-)
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