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Thread: Stumped (a challenger for battrick and FTP)

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    Stumped (a challenger for battrick and FTP)

    Surprised not to see a thread on here for the new free online management game called Stumped - Stumped! Free Multiplayer Online Cricket Management Game

    It's meant to be a challenger to battrick and FTP, trying to address the flaws of both those games (especially battrick, which has collapsed into development inertia, and which I only keep playing because of the First Class games).

    Anyhow, I've only just signed up for Stumped, which is still in its first season, but I'm pretty impressed - the match engine is very detailed (although the commentary is repetitive), the training system is cool for developing rounded teams rather than a stars/clowns divide like battrick, and the developers post and respond on the forum more times every day than the battrick developer has in the last 3 years. I think it looks really promising, and since it's still in its first season, now is a cool time to get in on the ground level while there's a fairly level playing field.

    So does anyone else here have a team in Stumped? How are you doing if so?

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    I play Stumped .... it's now season 2. It still has to evolve but you are right that Battrick seems to have kind of paused and their graphics are an eyesore.
    Stumped definitely is more challenging however the menu and options are a bit clumsy at the moment.

    Have you tried HW:
    Hitwicket, a Multiplayer Cricket Team Management Game

    You will like it.

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    Does anyone here play this?

    I just got back into it recently. It's far more in-depth and realistic than BT and FTP, while maintaining the same overall structure, and has a lot of really neat features. Overall the best online cricket management game I've played so far (and I've tried HW)

    I'm Zorax CC in the game, hit me up for a friendly if you are on it.

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    Is stumped playable on mobile phones, do they have a mobile-friendly interface?

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    They are working on a mobile app. The mobile site is useable, I've set orders on it a few times and have often watched my matches on it, but naturally it's a lot better on a computer. It's as good as BT/FTP IMO.

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    I'll give it a go. I've been on FTP for 3 seasons now and am enjoying that.
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