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Thread: hey game needed

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    hey game needed

    hey guys
    i am a big fan of cricket game. i live in usa and i just can't find a game in play station 2 that would work in my play station. could u guys help me here and tell me wat kind of game should i buy that would work in my play station 2.

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    A playstation game would work
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    Quote Originally Posted by 33/3from3.3
    A playstation game would work

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    chris are you still selling your phone and 2 copies of nuts mag ill offer you 10 bucks
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    Quote Originally Posted by chris.hinton
    Well ask a stupid question...

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    It's not a stupid question? With the dubious popularity of cricket in the US I doubt there are many NTFS-zoned titles available. The easiest option is to get your ps2 modchipped and then import the game/s from britain or a commonwealth nation.

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