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Thread: Chris Childs' comment on long term play

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    Chris Childs' comment on long term play

    From the forum:

    Has anyone been playing the game into the distant future? One of the big things I've been working on for this version was making the new players more realistic so the game has all the right balance into the future. The coaching has been subtly changed as well, so you can work on young players for later years. If you pick players when their young and get them lots of experience you should be able to create some real match winners. Of course the whole thing has a random element so you might not notice until you've been playing for a while.

    Chris Child

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    I am up to 2008 with both Australia and Somerset. And there are some slight differences in the development of players. I was not one to use the technique session in coach and physio but I have to see if it improves some players. Michael Clarke is averaging 35 in FC and 30 in Test. I have put some technique session on Clarke but no improvement. Cameron White and Shaun Tait have had sessions as well and both are permanent fixtures in both international squads.
    For Somerset, I have won the 20/20 cup back to back and it is due to some young players improving with age. Hildreth, Edwards, Hancock and Laraman have all been great players. Also the rule of 2 overseas players is great if you think in a one day mindset. I got Kallis and Gillespie and they basically won the cup for me. I used Kallis as an opener and he got around 40 a match. (However, I don't see how Kallis can be as good as he is)
    Overlooking the database problems, it is a great addition to the series.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darko21
    I am up to 2008 with both Australia and Somerset.
    How did you manage to coach both Australia and Somerset? I was told that if you choose a county team, then you may only be offered to coach England.

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    Surely he means two separate games.

    Donny Darko is an excellent film btw.
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    Yes, two seperate games. Switch after seasons. I do autoplay Challenge Trophy and some other English domestic matches.
    Yes, Donnie Darko is fantastic. Reccomend it to everyone. Nothing to do with cricket but still good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darko21
    Surely you're talking about me But yeah, I haven't played very far yet and/or experimented
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