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Thread: How many sporting venues you have visited

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    How many sporting venues you have visited

    Not counting yoou/I have played sport at, but when you have gone to watch a sports match.

    For me it is:

    The MCG
    Olympic Park - Melbourne
    The 'Gabba
    ANZ Stadium (Brisbane)
    Suncorp Stadium (Brisbane)
    Carrara Stadium - Gold Coast (where Queensland played England in a tour match some 14 odd years ago - the one where David Gower got fined for flying over the ground in a Tiger Moth)
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    Olympic Park - melbourne, canberra stadium, toyota park, penrith football stadium, telstra stadium, aussie stadium, adeliade oval

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    Jalandhar, Punjab, India
    Burlton Park Jalandhar(Used to be an international venue till 20 years ago).
    Mohali Stadium.
    Delhi Stadium.
    Eden Gardens, Kolkata.
    Amritsar Stadium, Amritsar.
    Wankhade Stadium(From an aeroplane).
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    Suncorp Stadium
    The 'Gabba
    ANZ Stadium
    Suncorp Stadium
    Allan Border Field
    Kings Park (ABSA Stadium)
    Pietermaritzburg Ground (Can't remember what it's called, but there was a couple of WC '03 games held there.)

    Um... can't think of any others
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    Sydney, Australia
    Basin Reserve
    McLean Park
    Eden Park

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    MAC Chennai
    Chinaswamy Bangalore
    Wankhade Stadium Mumbai
    Brabourn Stadium, Mumbai
    nehru stadium Kochi (sachins 5 for in ODI vs aus)
    and the one at Goa forgot the name
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    Marsden Bay, NZ
    To watch sport:
    Eden Park
    Westpac Park (Hamilton)
    Basin Reserve
    The Oval

    When sport wasn't on:
    McLean Park
    Pukekura Park
    North Harbour Stadium
    Ericsson Stadium (Big Day Out)
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    Olympic Stadium + other olympic event locations
    Sydney Football Stadium
    Jade Stadium
    Colonial Stadium/Telstra Dome
    North Sydney oval about a million times...
    Every other sporting gorund in Sydney!
    Canberra Stadium
    Parc-de-princes (Paris)

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    The MCG, Vodafone Arena and Rod Laver Arena.

    Thats it unfortunately
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    Upstate SC
    • IPCL Sports Complex, Baroda
    • GSFC Cricket Stadium, Baroda
    • Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad
    • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
    • Brabourn Stadium, Mumbai
    • The Oval, England
    • Lord's, England
    • Wembley Arena (not sure if I've got the name right)
    • Wimbledon
    • Braves Stadium, Atlanta, USA (once again, doubtful of the name)
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    Toronto, Canada
    Sharjah Cricket Stadium (Tendulkar's sand-storm innings anyone?)
    Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club (venue for Ind-Pak Sahara cup)
    Chepauk Stadium, Madras

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    South Holland/North Zealand
    1. Ullevål stadion (national football stadium of Norway, been at Cup final '96, national games, club games for Vålerenga etc.)
    2. Nadderud stadion (home stadium of $tabæk IF + athletics competition at 9 (was actually on it))
    3. Fredrikstad stadion (home stadium of Fredrikstad FK)
    4. Lillehammer Olympic Park (cross country relay, olympics '94)
    5. Holmenkollen ski jump
    6. Edgbaston Cricket Ground (Twenty20 game)
    7. Vikingskipet skating arena (Euro Champs 2001 speed skating, World Champs 2002)
    8. Old Athens olympic stadium (I visited it when there wasn't any competitions...even run a lap)
    9. Rykkinnhallen (local indoor arena for handball - watched a national game between Norway and Sweden)

    Want to go to:

    Lord's Cricket Ground
    Aspmyra stadion (home of Bodø/Glimt FK)
    Twickenham rugby stadium
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    ive also been to parramatta stadium, campbelltown stadium and manuka oval....

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    Leeuwarden, Netherlands
    1. The county ground, Taunton
    2. The New Wanderers, Johannesburg
    3. Centurion Park, Verwoerdburg
    4. Northwest Stadium, Potchefstroom
    5. The county ground, Derby
    6. Trent Bridge, Nottingham
    7. Old Trafford (cricket), Manchester
    8. The SCG, Sydney
    9. Stadium Australia, Sydney
    10. Sharjah Cricket Stadium, United Arab Emirates
    11. Willowmoore Park, Benoni
    12. The Riverside, Chester-le-Street
    13. Thruxton Circuit, Hampshire
    14. Lord's, London
    15. Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany
    16. Ellis Park, Johannesburg
    17. Whatever the rugby stadium in Durbs is called where the Natal Sharks play
    18. Home Park, Plymouth
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    Quote Originally Posted by Langeveldt
    3. Centurion Park, Verwoerdburg
    Please don't mention the name Verwoed. He was an a-hole . I think the name was changed to Centurion, officially or unofficially, I'm not sure

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