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Thread: F1 goes back to the dark ages

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    F1 goes back to the dark ages

    Proposed changes

    Well it is certainly radical. Opinions?
    I, for some reason, quite like the idea.
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    It's no surprise to something like this, considering they are always trying to even up the field.
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    F1 will have unprecedented viewers if it goes to the Flinstones age

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    With the drivers using the feet, that'd be great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The BBC Article
    Engines reduced from 3.0-litre V10 to 2.4-litre V8.
    Engines to last for two races each .
    Manual gearboxes and clutches .
    Ban on power steering.
    Front tyre width reduced and rear increased to slow down cars.
    No spare car allowed during entire competition.
    One tyre supplier.
    Drastic restriction on private testing, limited by mileage rather than days.
    New qualifying system to be discussed.
    No tyre changes during races, except for punctures.
    I say let's go for it.

    Dominance isn't important, we've never had much equality in F1 since the mid-1980s, it's the fact that no-one overtakes now. Sort that and it's all smiles again - I've been saying that for years, though...
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    F1 is not a entertaining sport anymore

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    Hmm...but what in those things bring more overtakings? Manual gearboxes and clutches, possibly, as human error comes in, possibly also the ban on power steering and the restrictions on private testing.

    I'm not too sure about all the restrictions on tyres and engines - I think it'll just lead to a lot of accidents, or more expensive engines to make sure they stay there.

    Personally, I think Moto GP is more entertaining that F1, for the simple reason that motorcycles are about half a metre in width, while cars are four metres. You can't steer around a four metre car that easily - and that's what's boring about F1. IMO, a better thing would be to remove that huge spoiler (or whatever it's called) at the rear, and I don't particularly like the idea about rear tyres becoming wider either.

    Still, I guess it's a case of all or nothing - and to be honest, anything is better than Schumacher winning the qualis and just staying with his foot on the gas pedal for 60 laps.
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    Well the news is they've accepted the changes

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    Touring Cars are far better than formula one... proper cars, proper driving, proper overtaking
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    YES ..I am all for it!! Anything to make it more competetive and more reliance on the driver's talent.

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    Totally agree with Lang, Touring cars are far beter then the F1 Series now.

    Although these new changes should bring more focus on the driver ability, rather then who can pit fastest ect.

    I welcome these changes, might actually be fun to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc71178
    Well the news is they've accepted the changes

    should be good to see how they turn out hopefully some brilliant races
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