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Thread: English Footballers who Could Still Come Good

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    He’s basically played his entire England career in that role though and has something like 2 goals and 1 assist in more than 20 games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Niall View Post
    Do think Phil Jones is better than he gets credit for online. Chris Smalling on the other hand
    Phil jones, interesting, pretty sure I was one of the first on this forum to talk about how crap he was compared to the hype.

    and the hype thing was the point, people are now forgetting that when he first joined United, for some reason people were just spunking their pants over him, comparisons with Duncanm Edwards, Bobby Moore, Franco Baresi, then when he moved into midfield Bryan Robson, it was some of the most exaggerated nonsense by an huge wadge of press, presumably because Ferguson rated him, and they enjoyed sucking on Taggarts joystick.

    Then their was backlash when people realised he really was below average at the time.

    Yet I think I said had at the time, I wished the hype would die down, because he could probably be a decent defender, nothing more than that, but hey that's a good thing.
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    Wayne Rooney

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    Any chance Conte is able to mould something out of Ross Barkley?
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    Well he won't be there much longer.

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    Barkley could still become good, banning him from hitting shots from stupid places alone would be a pretty solid improvement, but imo itís hard to see him becoming world-class. Doesnít quite have the raw pace or close control. Best case scenario he gets about as good as Dele Alli is now and thatís unlikely, heís miles off that level at the moment despite being 3 years older.

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    jesse lingard

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