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Thread: NRL Predictions

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    NRL Predictions

    OMG!!! At last the new season is here. It starts tonight and stuff. I'm sssssooooooo excited that I just splooged twice in the last minute.

    Well this season is sure to be the best ever. Its going to rock some socks and then some. Here is how I think the pack will finish up.

    1. Warriors
    2. Penrith
    3. Roosters
    4. Eels
    5. Dragons
    6. Raiders
    7. Knights
    8. Storm
    9. Cowboys
    10. Broncos
    11. Bulldogs
    12. Sea Eagles
    13. Sharks
    14. Tigers
    15. Rabbitohs
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    haha bulldogs 11th, i dont think so....

    to pick a winner is tough, i would group the teams..

    top teir - similar to last season..


    almost certainties for the 8

    around the 6-10 mark
    Tigers - very good chance at the 8
    Cowboys - could srping a surprise or 2
    Knights - depends on Johns
    Broncos - probably will get there, but they have lost alot of key players over the last few years and are nowhere near the force they once were

    the rest
    Sharks - recruited Vangana, but apart from that its the same story as last season, Vangana aint good enough to raise the whole team for mine
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