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Thread: I Can Bowl Accurately In Nets Or Centre Wicket Training But Not In Games

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    I Can Bowl Accurately In Nets Or Centre Wicket Training But Not In Games

    first of all, I am thirteen and I play on AstroTurf in club matches and turf in rep matches. This season, I have been bowling accurate in the nets and on centre wicket training. But when it comes to games I just can't land it in the right spot, and particularly have an issue with line more so than legnth. I have an inbetween action (sort of front on and sort of side on), and am a right arm out swing bowler. I can only bowl out swing too, and have a bit of trouble controlling swing but that isn't my main problem. My right leg is parallel to the crease whilst my left leg is pointing towards third man (to a right hander), similar to james Anderson. Both my right and left arm come up at the same time when in my action, and I have been told I just possibly a bit too high. I have sleeping problems before some games, I think it is due to being nervous. I get really nervous when I am about to bowl. When I run in it feels like I am not running in as fast as I do in a game, even though I think I am. It also feels like I jump higher, though no one notices that. Even when I am warming up beside the pitch I am pretty accurate, and then I bowl either wide of off or down leg side. Everyone is in my ear, all my coaches and the parents telling my to bowl top of off, but that's what I am trying to do. I am particularly nervous on turf and bowl more inaccurate on turf. Can anyone help me, I really want to get better. Is there any drills I can do to stop me being nervous?

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