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Thread: Beep Test Results

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    Beep Test Results

    Unfortunately, almost all decent sports clubs these day require players to put up a more than decent score on the beep test (probably more so for football than cricket).

    How has everyone else fared in this test?
    I know I can get a 11 and under some questionable circumstances I managed to get a 12 (track was something like 19m). I'm aiming to hopefully get a legitimate 12 which isn't excellent but I'd be very happy with it.

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    I think I got to a high 10 around mid 2010. Probably hit my fitness peak around mid 2011, so may well have got it up to 11 if I did one around then.

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    If you get a long, continuous beep it means you've pushed yourself a bit too hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgey View Post
    If you get a long, continuous beep it means you've pushed yourself a bit too hard.

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