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Thread: Flintoff to launch boxing career!

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    Flintoff wins. Gun.

    Four rounds seems a bit of a waste of time though, tbh.

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    Well lets hope that is that as he is not a good boxer.

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    Very pleasantly surprised! I mean, not going to fight the Klitschko's anytime soon, but it's fantastic that he got himself into boxing shape. And hey, the man has heart.
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    Really pleased for Flintoff. He isnt a good boxer - how can he be after just a few months - but I admire that he took it serious and gave it his best shot. He did what I would love to do, but dont have the balls, and what a lot of people say in the pub after a few beers. "I reckon that if I took 6 months off and trained hard that I could win a professional fight." He did it and won. The only disappointing thing has been the **** he has had to take from so many of the British public and so much of the British press.

    More power to you Fred. I dont know you but I am proud of you.
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