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Thread: Lance Armstrong tasted the life ban

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    Lance Armstrong tasted the life ban

    A very sad news for lance Armstrong fan across the globe is that on Friday he was officially branded a drugs cheat by the US Anti-Doping Agency.Armstrong was banned from cycling for life by the agency, which said his decision not to pursue arbitration in an effort to clear him self of doping charges triggered the action.USADA said it expected cycling's governing body to take similar action, but the International Cycling Union was measured in its response, saying it first wanted a full explanation on why Armstrong should relinquish Tour titles he won from 1999 through 2005.He was also stripped of his record seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong can still hold out hope that he’ll ultimately be able to retain his Tour de France titles, as race organizers and the international cycling body wrestle with USADA over who has the authority to strip the cyclist of his wins.

    “They don’t unilaterally have the authority because they didn’t award them,” Armstrong’s attorney, Robert Luskin, said of USADA.
    (latest news updates)

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    This has got about as much of a future as Lance has with ASO.
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