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Thread: AFL player Knockout

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    BARNES OUT dontcloseyoureyes's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Leigh Montagna vs Aaron Davey
    Gary Ablett vs Nathan Foley
    Barry Hall vs Daniel Wells
    The one, the only CW Black
    47.3 W Coppinger to Heads 
        Smacked the ball straight into the groin of Iwuajoku who has fallen over, 
        miraculously with the ball still caught in his scrotal area! Out!

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    alanis morrissette
    Leigh Montagna vs Aaron Davey
    Gary Ablett vs Nathan Foley
    Barry Hall vs Daniel Wells

    Dream XI: M Hyder, J Linker, M Clock, S Wetsin, A Simms, A Golcrhist, B Hugg, S Worde, B Leap, J Giuseppe, G MacGrith

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    What happened to this?
    "I am very happy and it will allow me to have lot more rice."

    Eoin Morgan on being given a rice cooker for being Man of the Match in a Dhaka Premier Division game.

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