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Thread: Should athletes have to pay back HECS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpers_Ghost View Post
    ^^^ this is the exact reason they don't have to pay it back, and honestly its a pretty compelling one. However it would be good if a donation was made to grassroots development "in apreciation" of the support given to achieve a succesful career, much like those who go to snobby private schools tend to do.
    That raises an interesting question, does AIS have an Alumni Association or a Booster Club where wealthy graduates make contributions?

    Im not saying they should (as I dont think the schools rely on private financing) but it would be interesting to know if a mechanism like this existed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clapo View Post
    Along with that, people don't always stay in the same field of their degree.

    Like Pasag said in his first post, I'm yet to hear an argument that convinces me why they shouldn't have to pay.
    True, there's a difference between changing fields and being paid a fortune after a career just because of who you are.

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