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Thread: Messi vs Ronaldo

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoenixFire View Post
    Reckon they are very hard to seperate TBH. I do find Messi to be slightly overated though. Guess I might as well admit to being biased when I voted for Ronaldo. I do find him to be a ****, though I love the way he can inspire such hatred.
    Yeah. It takes some doing to be both exceptional and yet invoke so much hatred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GingerFurball View Post
    When's Ronaldo ever had to?

    It's not like he's been lining up alongside dross for Man Utd.
    It's all relative. Barcelona keep the ball so well and as such keep Messi supplied with a lot more of the ball. They'll always play attacking football, there's no Plan B (not that they need one when they're this good).

    United will sometimes play a stifling 4-5-1, especially in Europe. Their possession football is nowhere near as good as Barca's and while not what you'd call direct, they're more direct than Barca. While Barca always build their side around attack, United sometimes go defensive. Quite often United have offered very little going forward and Ronaldo has indeed had to do it on his own. It doesn't mean he's necessarily a better player, but i think if you were to throw Ronaldo into a side like Everton or Portsmouth he'd have a bigger impact than Messi would.

    Personally i'm not bitter about him going to RM at all. He's not likeable, but he's won us three straight titles that we wouldn't have got anywhere near without him so he's pretty hard to dislike too. And he'd always wanted to go to Madrid, just like if i played for Madrid i'd always want to go to United. Fair play to him.

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