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Thread: Chelsea or Manyoo- who do you hate more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    Haha, I love that last line, it's great

    I see your oil thief and raise you one American idiot

    Mourinho's a gun though, not having that!!

    Interesting story (or perhaps not), my Stepdad lived down south for about 10 years until he met my ma and moved back to Wirral. In that time he took to watching Chelsea home and away, apparently a fair few of the people he used to go with don't bother anymore, disenchanted with the other people that follow them nowadays. So I'll go your point about their fans, I guess it happens to any team that becomes half-decent (used to see a fair few Newcastle shirts round here), the difference with United is that they had random supporters even when they were ****
    Yeah, my Chelsea-supporting Uncle is the same. I guess when you've been getting behind a team run by Ruud Gullit and Claudio Ranieri featuring such loveable players as Gianfranco Zola and Roberto Di Matteo it might be hard to get enthusiastic about the team today.

    I did actually quite like Mourinho as a person. He was always good for a chuckle, and i love the anti-Englishman who's not afraid to admit how good he is. But he left a really bad air about the club- the moaning, the blaming everyone but his team, the general dishonesty- it left a bad taste in the mouth.

    Put simply, i never disliked Mourinho, but Mourinho made me dislike Chelsea.
    Quote Originally Posted by indiaholic View Post
    Ireland on the other hand are everything that is good and just and beautiful in this world.

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    Manure by far, well that's to say I don't hate Chelsea and I can't imagine a football club I could hate more than Manure. Though it's fair to say, If i could it would probably have to have a management team of Neil Warnock, Harry Redknapp, Sam Alardyce, Kevin Blackwell and Brian Talbot...Ronnie Moore could be involved as well.

    Agree with GIMH's list but have a few personal extras, Mark Hughes for one, if that **** had have been sent off as he should have been in the 1994 semi final at Wembley, we'd have won 1-0 and we might not have gone winless for the rest of the season and got relegated from the premier league and ended up where we are now. Yes It's all your fault sparky you ****, you and the ref that day, hope he enjoyed his backhander.

    Also items to consider...Ferguson's chewing gum, his refusing to talk to any tv stations that dare to criticise him or a Manure player, Gary Neville (WAC), have spawned a generation of diabolical managers Hughes, Kidd, Keane...

    Will think of more reasons and add to this.

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    The only way you'll get me voting against the Evil Empire™ is by placing them up against Plymouth. Five years of oil splurge doesn't cancel out twenty.
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    **** United.
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    I'll show ye!!
    Man U and it's not even close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontcloseyoureyes View Post
    **** United.
    This. Will still vote for Robot Devil though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hurricane View Post
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    Manky U.

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    I don't think such a thread is appropriate, nor necessary on this forum.

    I voted for Manure.

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    I blame Christiano.

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    Manu any day against any team in the world ...just watch the last game against spurs ..the ref's always give it to them

    Among English team like Liverpool a lot ..but its barca all the way as far as the fav team is considered
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeraintIsMyHero View Post
    I'd be very surprised if United didn't comfortably take this poll, then again it's an international forum, so we'll see.

    Why do I hate United? well that's easy. I took an interest in football when a mate invited me to a Tranmere game as a youngster. My Dad, a lifelong red, realised he had missed the boat WRT getting me to follow them across the river, so set about indoctrinating me of the evils of Manchester United. It was 1991. I did as I was told and hated them, it's instilled in me, and obviously it's been helped by the fact that they have ****ing won everything since I started watching footy; I think they have only had about 3 trophyless years in that whole time.

    Plus Alex Ferguson is a moaning Scottish ****
    Plus over the years they have had the rub of the green with referees
    Plus they always used to score in the 97th minute
    Eric Cantona, Roy Keane
    Gary Neville
    Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney
    They actually once printed "THEATRE OF DREAMS" on their home strip
    They blamed their kit when losing to Southampton
    Peter Schmeichel
    Everyone in ****hole areas without a footy team support them, worse than that, people in areas with footy teams in the FLC/L1/L2 support United instead
    Alex Ferguson got knighted off one European Cup, Paisley and Clough were never honoured in that way
    I could go on

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    Quote Originally Posted by biased indian View Post
    Manu any day against any team in the world ...just watch the last game against spurs ..the ref's always give it to them

    Among English team like Liverpool a lot ..but its barca all the way as far as the fav team is considered
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    Always hated Man U when i was younger but have warmed to them somewhat in recent years. Don't really care one way or the other about Chelsea, have been to Stamford Bridge a fair few times but never warmed to it but never hated them either.
    Liverpool without question my least favourite side in England.

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    Chelski, as I'm a United supporter.

    Love the United hate tbh. Having followed them since the mid-70s and having grown up through the 80s, I love those who say "People only support them coz they're the best side for the past X years", as they put on their Liverpool shirts (which they first started wearing in the 80s, of course), before heading to the bathroom to clean their last three teeth.
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    Chelsea, they stole all our (PSV) best players.

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