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Thread: Rugby Union All-Time Draft

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    Pretty happy with my side, only problem is that we have too many Kiwis. Though all the Kiwis are top line players. Would have liked a few more Australian players, but a lot of guys I wanted went in the middle rounds.

    Reckon we have a pretty decent pack. Probably not enough big names to really stand out from the rest, but all pretty soild throughout and guys they might play well together.

    Backs are pretty similar a lot of decent players, but not many that really stand out. Looking back I probably shouldn't have pick Bennett and Clarke at 10 and 15. Both were brillant in different ways. Bennett probably wasn't consistent enough to be top line. Though I would still have him in the top 6. Clarke probably doesn't offer enough in attack and along with Roff, both are probably know more for their defence then attack. Picking both also meant we had one too many goal kickers.

    Though I didn't see many fly half and fullbacks picked after then that really made me thing **** why didn't I go for that guy. Maybe Morgan, but many rate Bennett on par if not better due to his Loins performances. Big Text to reply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chaminda_00 View Post
    Maybe Morgan, but many rate Bennett on par if not better due to his Loins performances. Big Text to reply.
    A great performance from the Loins, eh?
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    Serafin Dengra (#1)
    Uli Schmidt (#2)
    Aaron "Okey" Geffin (#3)
    Steve Cutler (#4)
    Bill Campbell (#5)
    Charlie "Bronco" Seeling (#6)
    Michael Jones (#7)
    Greg Cornelson (#8)
    Dawie De Villiers (#9)
    John Rutherford (#10)
    Rupeni Caucaunibuca (#11)
    Mike Gibson (#12)
    Danie Gerber (#13)
    Prince Alexander Obolensky (#14)
    Ken Scotland (#15)
    Locking duo - as I mentioned in my earlier post, these guys were the bane of every other international lineout's existence in the 1980s. They were genuine tall timber in a time when lifting wasn't allowed in the lineout and formed a good combination with Tommy Lawton in the mid-to-late 1980s.
    Loose trio - well, the Iceman is there, so that's almost a given. Seeling was a brutish yet skilful players who was dominant in the 1905 Originals while - as mentioned - Cornelson had a nice for the line.
    Centres - combination of the evergreen yet brilliant Mike Gibson (a very creative player) mixed with the searing lines, pace and power of Danie Gerber would be hard to stop.

    Not overly thrilled with my props, although I was happy to pick up Geffin and - as said - he'll be doing the kicking for me, which gives me the freedom of chosing the wonderful clever and underrated John Rutherford (whose career was cut short by injury) at 10.
    Wasn't left with too many options once I got to my fullback, and while Ken Scotland was a dynamic runner from the back, he doesn't quite have the same recognition as other players more recent than the 1959 Lions.

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    Tom Smith (#1)
    Phil Kearns (#2)
    Richard Loe (#3)
    Gareth Llewellyn (#4)
    Colin Meads (#5)
    Sir William Wavell Wakefield (#6)
    Jean Prat (#7)
    Wayne (Buck) Shelford (#8) (c)

    Matt Dawson (#9)
    Hugo Porta (#10)
    Shane Williams (#11)
    Scott Gibbs (#12)
    Frank Bunce (#13)
    Doug Howlett (#14)
    Andy Irvine (#15)

    Quite happy with this side. Only needed to look up two players (Wakefield and Williams) but the rest I had a good idea about. For my overall side's balance I went for a more forward dominated attack, with the option of spreading the ball out to the playmakers if we get shut down.

    The forwards are all tough, hard players, suited to smashmouth rugby. While also being very versitle, Wakefield and Prat are two that were near modern in their playing style. Meads is one of the best to ever play. Smith is one of the top props of all time imo while Loe was no slouch either. Shelford's record as captain speaks for itself.

    The backs are split for mine, Porta, Howlett, Irvine and Williams are all playmakers, with the first three all being top class. Porta and Howlett are the two best players in their positions imo, while Irvine is in the top 10 fullbacks easy. Bunce and Gibbs on the other hand repersent the tough, power that shows in the forwards. Both amazing tacklers, Bunce is a great anchor for the backline and is a good running centre in his own right. Gibbs on the other hand is the hardest tackler in the game (watch highlights of the 1997 Lions tour).

    On reflection, I could have had some better picks. I'm disappointed with not having a Irish or South African player in the lineup but I'll live with it.
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    Since nobody really wanted to put their foot forward and argue for their side (possible because Indipper won this in no time), here's another side composed of players not yet selected by anybody.

    1. Gerard Cholley (France)
    2. Bryn Meredith (Wales)
    3. Jean-Pierre Garuet (France)
    4. Alistair McHarg (Scotland)
    5. Paul Ackford (England)
    6. Andre Venter (South Africa)
    7. Col Windon (Australia)
    8. Mike Teague (England)
    9. Des Connor (Australia/New Zealand)
    10. Tom Lawton Sr (Australia)
    11. Jannie Engelbrecht (South Africa)
    12. Didier Codornieu (France)
    13. Cyril Towers (Australia)
    14. Philippe Saint-Andre (France)
    15. Andre Joubert (South Africa)

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