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Thread: The CW Cup: battle of the association football teams

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    You're an idiot

    Quote Originally Posted by Axl Rose
    The internet is a big garbage can

    RIP Craigos. A true CW legend. You will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeathDavisSpeed View Post
    Hahaha. Brilliant.

    I wonder if we'll look back on this thread in five years with the realisation that the Phoenix have gone the same way as the Football Kingz and New Zealand Knights.

    Brumby dragged the Phoenix through in 3 contests as I recall. This is surely Brumby's victory as much as the Phoenix's.
    Big thanks to Brumby in that case! Huge shock to see the Phoenix win the entire battle, personally didn't think they'd make it past the first round...

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    Quote Originally Posted by biased indian View Post
    need two more votes for barca......sure burmby wont vote for them
    Quote Originally Posted by BoyBrumby View Post
    That's yer lot!

    Tranmere Rovers secure the bronze for blighty & Corrin with a 13-7 win over Partick Thistle. Would've voted for them too.

    In the big one we actually have a tie game! I hadn't noticed grecian had gone back to edit his post to give Barca another vote by registering his preference in the 3rd place play-off, which levels it up at 10-10. I have to vote honestly & if Barcelona were drawn against Wellington in an Intercontinental Cup somewhere down the line I'd instinctively root for the latter. So there it is, Wellington Phoenix have done it.

    Thanks to all who voted.
    i knew it will end like that

    i hate you bumbers

    arsenal to never to win anything
    Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
    RIP Craigos

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