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Thread: XWW Training Match: Chez Lewis vs J-Unit

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    XWW Training Match: Chez Lewis vs J-Unit

    The purpose of this training match is to teach how to wrestle in XWW and give you a feel of what you will see when you come up to the main roster. While this is a training match and you will be facing a jobber, do not make this match a complete squash. In a good match, the momentum changes between the competitors several times, and quite frankly, squash matches are frowned upon in XWW. From now on, all instructions will be in bold, except for commentator and announce names.

    Why Can't We Be Friends plays on the speakers and out steps and the friendly ginger, Chez Lewis. On his way down the entrance ramp he claps a few hands from the crowd who are giving a nice cheer, but not blasting the roof off. He rolls in to the ring under the bottom rope.

    Your entrance is important. While it is a no brainer, always have your entrance music hit first. The way you come down to the ring and the fans reaction both help to get yourcharacter over as a heel, face, or tweener. If your a face, don't spill some guys popcorn, and if you are a heel don't go kissing some hot babe in the front row. Bottom line, establish your character on the way to the ring and get him over.

    Green - Ah here comes XWW's friendliest member, Chez Lewis

    Harrop - I'll admit that he is friendly, but he can't wrestle his way out of a paper bag, and to make it worse he's a red head.

    Green - Oh come on, I'd like to see you beat Chez and the colour of his hair is hardly relevant.

    Harrop - If he weren't busy with this match, I would. But as it is i have to call the match instead...*sarcastically* Hoorah! And by the way the colour of his hair is relevant, it's relevant to teasing him, Haha!

    The commentators are also important. One tip to remember is that Joseph Green is the face play-by-play commentator and Daniel Harrop is the heel color commentator. Green supports the faces, but does give the heels credit for their wrestling ability, while Harrop just supports the heels and hates the faces. There is no gray area with him. The commentators are used to break up portions of a match and also add some flavor to the match, the sizzle to the steak sort of speak. They can put over a certain move, that otherwise might go unnoticed, and they can put over your wrestler's ability and/or character.

    Dickson - This is a match set for one fall and introducing first, weighing in at 224 pounds...Chez Lewis!

    Matthew Dickson is our announcer....he announces stuff. Just remember to have him introduce your wrestler, but don't leave out anything vital.

    Chez jumps up and down and does some basic stretches. He bounces off the ropes a few times then climbs a turnbuckle and waves to the crowd. He stands on every turnbuckle and waves to the crowd. He then calmly walks in to the middle of the ring and awaits his opponent.

    Every wrestler has a pre-match ritual. Your wrestler needs to psyche himself up into the match and rile the crowd up. Be careful though, as you give your opponent the opportunity to jump you, but Chez won't do that as he's a very nice guy.


    Keep all this in mind and remember to stay in kayfabe. Don't forget to put [TBC] at the end of each post.

    [TBC by J-Unit]
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    Roots Bloody Roots hits the speakers and J-Unit hits the arena. He stands staring at the ring for a few moments before bursting in to headbanging. He makes his way down to towards the ring headbanging all the time. He slides under the bottom rope and goes to stand in the middle of the ring. He removes his hoddy and appears to be throwing it into the crowd. He laughs and drop his huddy just outside the ring. The crowd burst into booing.

    Green The crowd don't seem to like J-Unit's antics here.

    Harrop J-Unit is one of the hardest wrestlers in XWW do you think he cares what the crowd do or think?

    Green He is one tough SOB i'l give him that much and it will be hard for Lewis to get on top of him here?

    Harrop Joseph no only will it be hard for Lewis it will be down right impossible

    Dickson Weighing in at 320 pounds from Tralee Ireland...J-Unit

    J-unit put one clinched fist in the air and lets out a roar. Shrugs his shoulders,punches the air a few times, rolls his neck and looks into the eyes of his opponant.

    TBC by Lewis
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