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Thread: CW E-Wrestling?

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    CW E-Wrestling?

    Ok. Today i was milling around with random thoughts, and one that crossed my mind was a Wrestling Federation on CW. I'll get to the point.

    What this would entail is;

    1) Creating your own wrestler and details about him (yes, it must be a him). Details would include - Ring name, Weight, Height, Alignment (Heel (A bad guy) or Face (A good guy)), A brief history (to help understand what your character is about) and Move-set including 2 main finishers.

    2) Each week the Corporation (That's just me at this point) will post a weekly match card with matches which must be completed before the next week's matches start. For each match one of the participants in that match starts a new thread. In each match, you'd be expected to have your theme music play, make your entrance, have the commentators (they'll get names later) commentate about you, and have the ring announcer (Also named later) ring announce you and then the other participant(s) post their entrance. Now you have two or more guys in a ring, what you need is some fighting.

    Before (or very early into) your match, you need to chat to your opponent on how your match is going to go. If you don't agree on how the match ends, you take it to me and i will decide. Matches are expected to go for 5 or 6 posts on weekly shows and more like 10 or 12 on PPVs (when we get to them)

    3) Keep it realistic guys. Your guy can't have horns or fangs or wings. Neither can you have a 180 pound guy lifting a big fat 400 pounder. Or a fat guy doing athletic, top rope moves.

    4) Of course there will a World championship and a tag team championship. I guess we will add more championships as we go.

    I guess that's it. If you don't understand, or just want something explained feel free to ask.
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    Liking the idea Paddy and have seen a few of these work out on orsorted forums so im in (y)
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    Gun. Now we have; You, Pratyush, Lang & Myself.

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    count me in guys.
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    Yeh will give it a shot.
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    Im in.
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    up for this mate

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    alanis morrissette

    helllllllllllloooooooooooooooo laddddddieeeeeeeesss

    (I'm in)

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    Was hoping that it would just be create a wrestler and someone sims on Smackdown vs Raw or something. cbf posting ****, not in.
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    Yeah, same here. Thought it would be a CAW league on SvsR07.
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    E-Feds and stuff are a bit 2002 for mine. Good idea but don't think it'd last, sim or not.
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    james griffen can wrestle for his destiny

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    Yeah like the idea man. I'm in.

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    Ok, we have had a nice amount of feedback. Way more than i expected.

    1. Myself
    2. Pratyush
    3. Langveldt (When he returns on the 10th)
    4. Pinchy81
    5. Bugssy
    6. Alternative
    7. Headhunter
    8. Readie
    9. Hoggy31
    10. JDenly
    11. Turbinator
    12. Nightprowler10

    Another few things i didn't mention in the first post.

    1) Don't wrestle as your own name, be creative man.

    2) Every now and again you may need to cut a promo. For those who don't know a promo is just a non-wrestling event on the show (ie An interview, A vignette hyping the return of a wrestler, a press conference, or even an argument leading to a backstage brawl).

    As before if you don't understand, ask a question.

    But i will ask my own question, we don't want to be called "CW E-Fed", a name would be good to have. Suggest away.

    A few of mine:
    XFW - X Factor Wrestling
    TEW - Total Extreme Wrestling
    WWCEWEF - World Wide Championship Extreme Wrestling Entertainment Federation
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    Count me in as a 50/50. Might change my mind when the room stops spinning.
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